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Oct 5, 2003 03:01 PM

Metro Square

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Finally I can say that I've taken food from each of the six counters at the food court located in this mall at Steeles and Ferrier in Markham.

There are good and great things from each of the vendors but I would have to say that overall my favourite is the Beef Brisket and veg served up from Noodle Express. At times it can take forever to get ready, but if I'm in that mood, the wait is worth it. A miniature couldron of flavourful and tender beef wedges over sauted shanghai bok choi. And a bowl of rice. Soup too. Mmmmm. Comfort food. There is a smaller portion of the beef and veg available to go over chow mein noodle as well.

The steam table at the neighboring stall is very good too, if you are in a rush and want to get to get a three item + rice or noodle deal.

Does anyone else have a favourite at this place?

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  1. ... and I said so, earlier this year, in May!

    I usually phone ahead, and they have the food ready for me to pick up.


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      Yes, now I remember your posting. I'd been to Noodle Express as well as the other counters for over a year now. The beef I get when I'm in a certain mood, but SO many other dishes are done really well here.

      Does anyone have any other faves?

      On the flip side, I have to say I've not had as much luck in the food court at First Markham up on Hwy 7...