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Oct 3, 2003 10:59 PM


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I understand the Pasquale brothers are moving or leaving or something.

Now can anyone tell me of an honest and reasonable cheese shop is.

We have had enough of the Batt and Switch that the Global cheese shops on kensington ave, south of Baldwin love to play with.

The st lawrence market is too expensive and suburban.

Has anyone got a suggestion?

I love the east side cheese shop from New York city.
I would love to have a place like that here.

Reasonable cheese, beautiful.


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  1. IMHO the best cheese shop in the city is Alex's. They seem to carry everything you could possibly want and I find the staff to be very knowledgeable as well as more than willing to let you taste. I shop at their Bayview Avenue location. Unfortunately, because I live in the burbs I don't have a City of Toronto phone book at hand. You can find them on Bayview Avenue, on the east side, a couple of blocks north of Davisville. I know of two other in the St. Lawrence market and the other on Danforth Avenue.

    Hope this helps!

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    1. re: Arlene

      I agree,
      Alex is the best.
      If there is a cheese that you covet and they do not stock it they are always willing to take suggestions.
      I think that the Bayview location is higher priced.
      I always try to get down to the market.

      I described a cheese that I had eaten overseas that tasted like Chedder, but was much more crumbly.
      The owner was going overseas, and sure enough he found it for me.
      I was very impressed.

      1. re: erley

        I like the St Lawrence's cheese offerings, which includes Alex Cheese. Alex Cheese has opened another store downstairs in the Manulife Centre. Also, Whole Foods in Hazelton Lanes have some interesting cheeses. You could also try the Cheese Boutique at 45 Ripley out in Etobicoke.

    2. Don't like my beloved St.Lawrence Market being denigrated as "suburban"! Especially in the area of cheese. The Cheesemonger, right next to Carousel Bakery has a superb selection of Quebec and New Brunswick cheeses with a very helpful staff. (I think it's also owned by Alex, BTW, who I find equally varied and helpful.)

      1. Ah the Global cheese question is, has anyone ever gotten the amount they actually asked for? They always seemed to stick you with at least double the amount you actually wanted (I gave up long ago, after a request for a quarter of a pound turned into nearly a pound, more than I'd ever eat).

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        1. re: james

          Ha! I ordered a bit of Brie one time and they handed me half the wheel! It was a good price, so I took it and gave some away...

        2. you could check out the cheese store on the danforth, just across from the carrot common and slightly to the east. it's lovely.

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          1. re: danbird

            It's another branch of Alex Farms correct? I had a great experience there at Christmas buying terrine. The caribou/fig terrine was quite tasty and they had many exotic varieties. And they were pleasant and cut the amount I requested.

          2. d
            dionysus & maenad

            Go to Whole Foods on Avenue.