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Oct 2, 2003 01:14 PM

italian restaurant, "The Nose"

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Wow! A whole group of people who like to eat well as much as I do! I have only just returned to Toronto after a few years in Europe and was hoping that someone might remember an Italian restaurant on Yonge, just north of Davisville. Can't remember the name but it was always known as "The Nose" for the huge plaster Roman nose outside. Remebered as fantastic food - is it still there and, if so, still good?

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  1. Sadly, Gio's (aka the Nose) closed a few months ago. Another Italian restaurant has been re-opened by one of the old chef's in the same location (called Zia something). I haven't been there yet. The former owner, Gio Rana, still owns Gio Rana's Really Really Really Fun restaurant in the east end (same concept). I understand that he sold the sister to Gio's, Five Doors North, a year or so ago. It still operates at Yonge & Davisville (the sign says Future Furniture).
    Two other Gio's alumni restaurants exist - Seven Numbers on Eglinton west of Avenue, and Bordello behind Honest Eds. Both of them have great food at very reasonable prices.

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      Re. Zia's. I can only descrive it as horrible. Funny that the cook of Gio's has done such a bad job. I too went looking for Gio's and tried the new restaurant after being told it was the same cook as Gio's. I love Italian food especially the simple rustic type that Gio's specialized in. This requires good basic ingrediants and in this regard Zia's failed miserably. The tomato sauce was incredibly acidic and salty! I think Ragu would have been better. Sadly, the Yonge and Eglington area returns to being the Italian culinary wasteland it was before Gio's (and I don't think that Grano or Grazie are exceptions in that regard).

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        I must take issue with your comments about Grano. I think it's unfair to mention Grano in the same sentence as the abominable Grazie.

        I acknowledge the Italianesque-food wasteland that is Yonge & Eglinton. This is characterized by places like Grazie, Spacco and others. But, Grano serves up some very nice food, especially their Tavola Freddo. And, their white chocolate-raspberry-pistachio tort is one the city's best desserts.

        I wish to add that Y&E has, lately, become an Indian Cuisine haven. There are 3 excellent Indian restaurants within a kilometre of eachother. 2 of them do a great lunch buffet. Unfortunately, the names of the restaurants (which are all somewhat similar) escape me.

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          Gios new restaurant is in Leslieville and doing very well. It is on Queen and Leslie in the old Bank of Montreal building and of course, unsigned. One more reason to come to Leslieville!!