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Oct 1, 2003 07:50 PM

pie in Toronto

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Where is it? By "pie" I mean the result of a total commitment to pie: a fruit pie with a top crust. No cream pies, tarts, or short-cut efforts involving granola or the dreaded "crumble" will do. Please also avoid references to the circular slabs marketed by big-box stores which shall here remain nameless. I wouldn't mind being directed to bakeries, but what I really want is a place where I can sit down with a piece of real pie and a cup of coffee.

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  1. St. Lawrence Market in the "farmer's market" area (building to the North). Place is in the southeast corner of that building. Offers sugar-free pies too. Free samples!

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      May I suggest Wanda's Pie in the Sky (in Yorkville)? Serious pie. I believe it's located on Cumberland Avenue.

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        Close - it's on Yorkville (South side) just west of Yonge. They have a few tables and both cake and pies (some covered). I think they're open only during regular shopping hours.

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          I will definitely second, Wanda's Pie In the Sky.. fabulous pies. As for meat pies, there is a bakery/butcher at McCowan/ Ellesmere. i have no idea what the place is called, but they are 3 doors down from St Andrew's Fish and Chips (which I might add are amazing also :)

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      Guy Middleton

      And I have a question too: where can I get really good English-style meat pies? The ones at most of the butchers I have tried are terrible.

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        The bakery in the distillery district seems to specialize in savoury pies. I haven't tried them but hear they are good - but not from a meat pie expert. They have 5-6 varieties including "fidgit" - looked this up online and it is chicken, leek and apple I believe.

        Does anybody like the pie at Vienna home bakery? Not that impressed myself.