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Sep 30, 2003 02:03 PM

Current Status of Pasquale's

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Anybody know if they're still open downtown, moved to the new location or in-between?

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  1. I wandered down that way last week. The shelves were mostly empty but the 'deli' section was full. I overheard that they were closing last weekend. I would give 95% credibility to what I remember. The other five percent, timing would suggest that there lease is over at the end of the month and tomorrow is Oct. 1.

    I wouldn't bother heading to the old location.

    1. Middydd, if you're still looking for pimentón in the downtown area, it's available at Sheffler's Deli in the St. Lawrence Market (south market, east wall). They also sell other Spanish goodies such as membrillo (quince paste to accompany manchego), as well as the standard so-called gourmet products such as Valhrona chocolate, Zenon double-strength vanilla extract, tomato paste in a tube, etc.

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        Sorry, I spelled their name wrong. It should be Scheffler's. Their phone number is 416-364-2806.

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          Heather, thanks for the additional information and sources. Always nice to know more than one place to find something.