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Sep 29, 2003 03:49 PM

Senhor Antonio Taberna Wine Bar

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Toronto Best New Restaurant!


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  1. Went there last night based on Joanne Kate's review - had many of the same dishes

    - rapini and chickpeas - good
    - chorizo and blood sausage - very good
    - quail in piri piri sauce - very good
    - shrimp in piri piri sauce - good, but repetitive with quail
    - sardines - good
    - grouper seviche - OK

    Then two people split a main course (cod - very good) and I had the lobster/shrimp bisque - too much roux flavour and gritty.

    Service was good - wine was excellent (red and white - suggested by the manager - sorry don't know names) but overall I wasn't as impressed as I expected to be. It was very busy - so if you try it you probably should make a reservation (although was Chiado was empty).

    Our meal was $260 for 4 tax and tip included.