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Sep 29, 2003 06:53 AM

sunday dim sum

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Went to LWH for dim sum Sunday.
Haven't been there in some time, but wasn't in the mood for lineups at Dragon Dynasty, etc.
The food was excellent, although still not the variety, and like Ambassador, too many dumplings and too little variety.
If you don't order $1200. wine, and
We don't have wine with dim sum, it is not that expensive, and we (three people) paid approx. $75. for 11 dishes.
Paid more for three people at Ambassador a few weeks ago.
Sadly the restaurant was half empty at noon, and things didn't get much better.
Suggest chowhounds patronize LWH or it will be gone.
I will definitely return more often.
The staff was laid back, relaxed, and friendly.
It was a most enjoyable way to spend a Sunday afternoon.
Having said this I am still looking for the perfect dim sum with carts, variety and noise.
This a different experience, but I love both!

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  1. I was absolutely stunned to read that someone thought $75.00 for Dim Sum was reasonable for three people. We've paid that for a crowd of about 8 and all had our fill. I wont ask where this place is since I would never go there. I still think Roi San on Spadina is one of the best and I also like Soon Foon Tai on Gerard near Broadview