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Sep 27, 2003 05:59 PM

Courthouse Market Grill - report: other opinions ?

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Dined there Friday night for the first time - cottony, somewhat stale rolls served with absolutely tasteless whipped butter were an inexcusable start to the evening. A minuscule portion of carpaccio was followed by two medium-sized lamb chops with a salty but otherwise unflavoured jus, grilled as ordered, accompanied by a piece of allegedly stuffed lamb breast that was tough as old shoe leather, assorted vegs and adequate garlic mashed potatoes. Pleasantly citric lemon tart filling was spoiled by its entirely lacklustre commercial-tasting pastry base. Service was affable in the 2/3 empty cavernous room. In sum,I judged it an altogether undistinguished restaurant with fairly high prices and little distinctive to recommend it. Wouldn't go back. Did I hit an off night ? do other hounds have recent experience of this place ?

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  1. Been there twice. The first time two years ago was better than the last (last winter). I did like the sweet potato straws. One thing that bothered me was the fact that the table kept rocking even after the waiter tried to fix it. That really bugs me when I am paying a lot of money for dinner. On a positive note the place is interesting. We went downstairs for a drink after dinner to see the "cells". Tacky but fun.

    1. I think your review is the best I've seen. Went there twice (one lunch). Won't be back.
      To be fair, the food was OK, but the service was appalling; cutlery wasn't replaced with each course; and the smoke from the downstairs smoking (cigar) lounge persisted in drifting over my meal.

      1. Went there once for a work-related function. The older suits and the 905-ers among the group thought the place was hip. Me, I'd only return if I were forced to attend another work-related event there (i.e., I'd never spend my own money there). A predictable Cal-Ital-PacRim menu, decor to impress the tourists, and a "calculated corporate creation" ambience.