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Sep 27, 2003 11:41 AM

Cabbagetown Restaurant Two 26

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This restaurant's been open for a few months now. We often pass it's small, streetside patio walking our daughter home from Day Care. It seemed to get busier and busier as the summer went on, with regulars graduating from 6:00 frosty drafts of Tubourg to intriguing meals -- retro shrimp rings, brie floating in soup. They must be doing something right. Or are they? Has anyone been to this restaurant yet?

The menu looks a little uninspired but if you look closely, there seems to be a Danish bent to it. We travelled to Denmark recently -- there's wonderful food there. In fact, this same restaurant is offering a special Smorgasbord on October 18th that sounds heavy, decadent and delightful. I'd go myself but I have to run the Marathon the next day...

So if anyone gives this resto a try, I'd be eager to hear some feedback. Being slaves to our kid, we don't get out too often so we're more prone to operate on a firm recommendation than a hunch.

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  1. My friend also wants to check this place out. I walk by every few days as well and check out their sandwich board. Their "homemade desserts" often sound tempting and a little different from your average pub fare. Hopefully we'll make it in the next couple of months and I will try to post here!

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      I did end up going the other night. We went early and were the only people eating - suspect your kids would be welcome. Service was great. We ate from the Specials. Food is good and great value for money - main courses for $10-15 feature large amounts of meat, potato and tastes of 3-4 different veggies. I didn't try any of the Danish stuff. For dessert again good value - $5.95 for a large serving, drizzled sauces and a small bowl of vanilla ice cream. A family could probably share one dessert! They also have a variety of traditional Danish baked goods on offer which I didn't try.

      I can't tell you the food will blow you away but I'd say it's worth a try if you're in the neighborhood and don't need to get a babysitter.

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        Thanks for taking the taking the time to post, Jules! We'll follow your recommendation and bring our little girl with us. That way we can blow the babysitter budget (and every other budget) on Susur night...

        Will post my own thoughts on 226 after we've been there ourselves. We'll try the Danish food!