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Sep 23, 2003 04:52 PM

Looking for good Fish store in North Toronto

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I was just wondering where some of you go to buy good quality fish at reasonable prices in Northish Toronto. I am uptown, and can go to Markham, and Scarborough quite easily.

Not really looking for anything in Etobicoke, Mississauga regions.


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  1. I don't know how uptown you mean but my fish store, at Avenue and Eglinton, fits into the north toronto category, and always seems to have pretty good fish. I'm not sure what it's called, but it's on the north side of eglinton, just east of avenue. Perhaps Avenue Road Seafood, or something to that effect?


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    1. re: SF

      I buy most of my fish at St.Lawrence market.
      In a pinch I go to Nortown at Bayview and York Mills
      Their fish is fresh, if slightly higher priced than the Market.
      Although I do like Longo's meat selection, I have noticed that many times their fish has been previously frozen.
      Also, I think that Pusiteri's is not more expensive than the Cheese Boutique
      I think that the Cheese Boutique sells lesser quality, e.g. AA beef by the gram!
      Even supermarkets generally sell at least AAA !
      The cheese boutique is for people in a hurry, who do not shop the ethnic supermarkets.

      1. re: erley

        I have to disagree with you about the Cheese Boutique. I don't know much about Pusateri's - I was there a few times, many years ago and will never go back. I found the clientele rude beyond compare! The cheese boutique I know fairly well, and while I would never go there to buy basic ethnic food products, I love it for cheese, specialty products such as bottarga, truffles, Tuscan olive oils, etc. and other artisanal products from Europe and here. The owner loves food and knows his stuff. If you let him, he'll spend hours talking about sourcing the best buffalo mozzarella in Italy, or whatever other topic comes up. Definitely not the place to go if you're in a hurry!

        1. re: Sujata

          Didn't mean to offend.
          Sounds like you had a bad day there.
          I shop at Pusateri's often and have never had such a difficult time
          I am familiar with Pusateri's, and live fairly close.
          They do listen to suggestions, and have first rate products, including their meats, fruit and vegetables..
          I head there whenever I am entertaining.
          I especially like the many mini veggies they carry.
          They seem to have everything on my list.
          The prepared foods are to avoid, the fish is just O.K. but everything else is quality.
          I am not familiar with the cheese boutique.
          One visit only, and the place is charming.
          I was possibly unlucky the day I was there and shouldn't judge it by one negative experience.
          And I was turned off by the AA beef.
          I was not pleased with my purchases.
          If I lived closer I might have given it another try.

          1. re: erley

            I probably owe Pusateri's a second chance, too. My worst experience there was on an Easter Sunday weekend, and the place was a zoo. There was more pushing and shoving than at Honest Ed's on a Saturday morning, and I actually witnessed two well-heeled women almost come to blows in the vegetable aisle over who had the right of way! Probably not a common occurance, I concede, but it left me with a lingering bad feeling about the place. On your recommendation, I will give it a try for my next dinner party.
            PS I have never bought meat at the Cheese Boutique; by habit I always go to Cumbrae's.

    2. If you're willing to go as far north as Steeles and
      Weston Road I recommend Seafood Depot/SeaCore. It's
      located approximately halfway between Steeles and
      Hwy. 7 on Aviva Drive just west of Weston Road.
      We've always been pleased with the quality and price.

      1. I like City Fish on Dufferin at Glencairn. They supply some pretty upscale restaurants(Joso's I think).I find the prices reasonable and the quality and service excellent.They have often scaled and filleted a salmon for gravlax right in front of me. They have a good selection of oysters, clams mussels etc. as well. It is located in a plaza next to Lady York which is worth a stop for anything Italian

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        1. re: J.Gorman

          I agree. City Fish Market is a great place in that area. Don't forget to go into the Columbus Bakery when you are there for good Italian breads, etc. One thing about City. I find that if you go too late in the afternoon on Saturday, the selection may not be so good. Go early. If you are on the other side of town, try St. Peter's in a little plaza north of Finch on Victoria Park. Very friendly and accomodating.

        2. Only a few blocks north of Steeles Avenue, east off Yonge Street in Thornhill you will find my favorite fish monger. The name is Fisherman's Brother and it's located at 71 Glen Cameron Road. The fish and seafood is the best! Owners Richard and Rita bring in fresh stock from all over the world. Closed on Mondays as that is the day they ship to restauranteurs. Check out the lobster tank while you're there. Awesome!

          1. Thanks for the great replies!

            I'm looking to steam a whole fish in the chinese way - ginger, garlic, green onions, soy sauce, sesame oil. I'm gonna check out Fisherman's Bros. and St. Peters. Thanks a bunch.


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            1. re: Chaagy

              I know this post is like a hundred years old, but I have to say that I don't know what the h*ll they do in Chinatown when they steam a whole fish and add the fresh ginger, green onions, soy and garlic, but I doubt any mere mortal could ever reproduce that flavour. What kind of voodoo are they up to to make it taste sooooo good???????? Again... simplicity and fresh flavours... I'm a VERY good cook... I have the gift (to some degree - not like one of my brothers who is fearless, a genius and a natural in the kitchen), but please... someone.... enlighten me and share the secret and wisdom... I hate to be pessimistic but I fear that an easy answer is not in my near future... To be able to prepare fish to truly savour the delicate flavours and textures is my ultimate culinary goal... There's just something so mysterious about the humble fish... Humble and kind replies only please.... p.s. making this on the weekend at the cottage... been on my list of things to make for about 10 years!!!!! Doing a side of another dish from the same episode (when I used to watch tv) with spaghettini wrapped in eggplant or something.... Will probably pass on the eggplant under the swordfish.... p.s. This dish has nothing to do with loving Tyler Florence - I'm neutral, by the way... Any tips or comments in the next 24 hours on this recipe and how to achieve fish magic would be appreciated before I get in the car and face hours of cottage traffic.

              1. re: Moimoi

                I've steamed fish like you mentioned dozens of times.

                1. Season inside of cleaned fish with salt and pepper
                2. Place fresh ginger slivers and sliced green onions inside the fish
                3. Sprinkle small amount of Chinese cooking wine over the outside of the fish and steam until done
                4. Have ready some hot oil that you've heated in a small saucepan (not olive oil, use vegetable or canola oil)
                5. When fish is done, place more minced green onions and thinly sliced ginger over fish
                6. Pour "very hot" oil by the teaspoon over the fish, it should sizzle and slightly cook the ginger and green onions
                7. Sprinkle with soya sauce
                8. Garnish with chopped coriander
                9. When serving the fish, spoon oil/soya sauce over the inside of the fish
                10. This works well for fish fillets too (we like Pickerel (whole or fillets). Just don't overcook the fish

                Have a great time at the cottage :)

                (This is how my parents and grandparents steamed fish)

                1. re: red dragon

                  Thanks! I'm inspired but will have to take the plunge and see if I can replicate. Is there a particular fish type and fish monger you'd recommend??? I'm good with buying from Chinatown but need to know exactly what type to buy.

                  1. re: Moimoi

                    I buy seafood from Diana's Seafood or St. Lawrence Market, rarely anywhere else, but it would depend on your location/budget. The type of fish would also be dependent on what you/your family like. Halibut would not imo, be a good fish though, it's way too firm and has a chewy texture. My family likes soft and delicate fish for "steaming," such as Pickerel or Sole. But again, just our preference. Sea Bass would be nice, and Tilapia is quite common. The steamed fish dish is quite simple and you don't need a lot of ingredients. Good luck! I'm sure it will taste great!