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Sep 23, 2003 03:28 PM

Foie gras in a tin

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I just came back from France where I had the best foie gras. I brought back a small tin of foie gras truffle pate and was wondering where I can get something like this in Toronto? I know Pusateri's has it, it's extremely expensive, there must be other specialty stores or shops that sell foie gras in a tin for less?
Any suggestions?


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  1. I have never purchased Foie gras, but the Cheese Boutique on Ripley Ave. is my favourite place for anything of that nature. I know he carries it frozen, so I'm sure he also has it canned. Can't guarantee it will be much cheaper, though! I suggest you try the duck and goose liver pates from the Eastern Townships in Quebec, if you can find them (once again, try the Cheese Boutique). Much cheaper, I'm sure. I brought some back recently, and they were a hit with my meat-eating friends.

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      Just came back from the Cheese Boutique today, and was completely impressed. Yes, they had foie gras, many varieties and the prices were cheaper than Pusateris. Thanks for the recommendation. I've heard many good things about the Cheese Boutique on Chowhound and now I know why. The staff was friendly and helpful, there were many selections of pate, cheese, deli meats... and the bakery was very impressive! As well, lots of different tasters of wine and foods. While I live in North York I will be making a trip to CB every few weeks from now on, I'm hooked!

    2. I will check out Ronscenvalles this week and get back to you.
      They always have unexpected products at reasonable prices.
      I returned from France yesterday, and Foie gras is on every menu.
      It is obviously the new "trendy" food.
      I am going to attempt to make it myself, as I do not like it canned.
      I did bring home six bottles of French olive oil which I m going to test, and hopefully convince someone to carry, as I don't like any available in TO

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        Thanks Erley!

        I did buy some fresh foie gras from Pusateri's, pretty expensive. I'm not that good at searing it, as half of the liver melts as soon as it hits the pan and I have to find a way to take away the bitter taste. I don't experience that taste in the restaurants but perhaps they marinate or do something to the lobes first before searing it, any tips on how to make it? I love cured foie gras which is why I'd like to know where to buy it in tin form, at Pusateri's, for a very small piece, worth 5 bites, it's at least $40. There must be some place cheaper for cured foie gras. Looking forward to your research!


      2. Checked out Ronscanvalles to-day and it wasn't to be found
        Granowska's Bakery tell me that they carry it, but don't have it now.
        416 533-7755
        You could call and see when they are expecting another shipment

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