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Sep 23, 2003 10:10 AM

First and last meal at Blowfish

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Should have taken it as an omen when I first went to Blowfish on a Tuesday night and they would not seat us without a reservation even though half the place looked empty. Regardless, we ended up going last Thursday. I am a fan of the decor and enjoyed eating the peas while sitting at the bar before our table was ready. The sushi, rolls and salmon tartar were all very good (especially the soft shell crab). However, the mains were simply put horrible. I had the beef tenderloin which was very dry and tasteless. A couple of the people I was with ordered the peking duck and they agreed it was overcooked and was so bad that they had to send it back. So my recommendation for blowfish is to stick with the cold dishes!!!!

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    andrew nisker

    I agree.