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Sep 20, 2003 08:56 PM

Butter in Toronto

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Once upon a time I came across a question about butter in San Francisco on the chowhound site for that city. There were several responses and I learned much about butter that I never knew before, and where to buy different butters in San Francisco. Can anyone tell me where to get good specialty butters in Toronto?

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    1. re: tonyross

      Good to see people still refer to my original post.
      The situation has improved slightly. Still no great butter available though. The various A&P/Dominion (and associated) outlets have a 'My Compliments' house brand of cultured butter. It is the sweetest tasting of all those I've tried, so is particularly recommended on just toast (or bagels). The Lactantia is more widely available than before and can often be found under $4.00.
      Also, the Cheese Boutique has an Ottawa Valley churned butter that's distinctive (and expensive). It's OK, but I still prefer the cultured style and don't think the Ottawa one's worth the extra cost.
      I've also searched Buffalo without much success. The President brand from Normandy is the most prevalent - but doesn't have much similarity to the stuff I tasted in France (or Vietnam, or UK.....etc). Again, not worth the extra cost.
      But Burro Occelli and Isigny Ste Mere (if you find them on trips) - they're worth it.

      1. re: estufarian

        saturday's National Post(oct 25) has article explaining why we are not allowed good creams and butters in this province

    2. I have not tried it myself but someone told me that the President's Choice Organic butter is very tasty and similar to butter from France.