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Sep 19, 2003 04:10 PM

Recommnedation for Anniversary Dinner

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Hi There,

Saturday is our Anniverasry and I would like to take my wife out to a nice quite restaurant. We live in Etobicoke and I was wanting to experience something nice in the downtown area.

Any recommendations would be appreciated!


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  1. What kind of places are you looking for? Do you want something a bit exciting? Are you looking for more of a classic candle lit type place? What genres of food do you enjoy? Any recent restaurant experiences that you enjoyed/hated that might provide some guidance on your tastes? Price range?

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    1. re: SF

      My wife and I enjoy restaurants in two themes...
      1. Nice traditional italian/french restaurants that are quaint (not too loud). ...expensive is ok, but not too expensive.

      2. Restaurants that offer meals with a fusion twist.

      I think Looking something in either of those genres above that is not too big and noisy, but still maintains an air of being "in".

      Not sure if this makes any sense...

      1. re: Awni

        Sorry, don't have time to write much, but Auberge du Pommier seems to be a classic anniversary type place, serving quality french food, with a quaint (? ...kindof) ambiance. They have a website so you can check to see if it fits your tastes and wallet.

        I recently had a very pleasant meal at Mildred Pierce, which has something of a fusion twist to it, if I dare use the f-word. It's tucked in out of the way, but I think that adds to its charm. If you do go, save room for desert.


        1. re: SF

          All of the places mentioned are quite good, but I think they fall into the uber-expensive category, amongst the most expensive in the city. For a pricey but not extreme pricey, intimate, and romatic experience, I would try Silver Spoon. It has the added bonus of being close to Etobicoke (it's on Roncesvalles near where it meets Dundas south of Bloor) and parking is more accessible than downtown.

          1. re: Dan

            See previous thread on Silver Spoon, including my review.


        2. re: Awni

          If I might suggest: The Corner House. Great French cuisine, very romantic, very good service.


      2. c

        Monsoon Restaurant

        Check it out on - pictures and menu posted