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Sep 19, 2003 10:06 AM

J's Sushi Bistro

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Anybody been to J's Sushi Bistro on Dundas west of Kipling?? I live near that area and would love to take my dad and brother for my b'day.

My brother and I love sushi. My dad is not into sushi and was wondering if there are any other dishes that he can try. We always go to a Chinese or Indian restaurant on my b'day and I am hoping to try something different this year.

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  1. J's Sushi Bistro is fantastic. They do some very innovative dishes. I have eaten at a number of sushi places all over the city and would put it just below Kaji (sp??) on Queensway but at a fraction of the price

    Plus for non-sushi eaters they do have very good bulgogi and tempura and teriyaki

    Highly Recommend particularly their spicy salmon and scallop roll, tuna lovers roll and chirashi.

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      I have not been to J's Sushi. In the same area (Bloor and Islington) is Gojima. It has one of the best sushi in the west end (in my opinion). Also does a lot on the grill as well as Tempura.

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        We were looking for somewhere to eat on Friday and I remembered this post and decided to try it. I'm happy we did. We got there at about 10:00 (an hour before it closed) and there were only two other couples there. That didn't matter. We sat at the sushi bar and the sushi chef recommended some possibilities. In the end we chose the spicy tuna roll and the dragon roll. Once he finished making the roll he would explain exactly what was in it. Boy was it good. As we continued to eat he explained that the place was usually much busier but because of the storm, he thinks most people stayed home. Better for us. We received great service.

        We were asked how we had heard about them and I told them about the review/recommendation from the Chowhound board and they were very happy.

        Although I would love to keep this small little restaurant a secret, it's too good not to share.

        Thanks to "am" for the posting.

      2. There are three sushi restaurants in the area, I cannot find one with the name J's Sushi Bistro. Can someone please help me find it?


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          It is on Dundas Street, west of Kipling on the North Side.

          It is west of the Dundas Street Grill and the Wendy's/Tim Hortons