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Sep 19, 2003 09:42 AM


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One of my favourite childhood memories was the rice pudding that my mom use to bring home when she went downtown. My memory is a bit hazy but I believe she use to get it when she got off the subway at Dundas Station (?) and made her way underground to Simpsons and/or Eatons. I believe the rice pudding she bought was from a kiosk just before you entered Simpsons and/or Eatons.

Does anybody else remember this and where oh where do chowhounds go for the best rice pudding (with raisans) in the city today?

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  1. j
    Judith Gorman

    This will reveal my age because the restaurant has not been around for years. The best rice pudding was at Basils in Yonge street. Before we were married my husband associated rice pudding with foods you ate when ill. Basil's rice pudding made him a convert. Mars on college has a respectable rice pudding but if memory serves, not nearly as good as Basil's

    1. Others may scoff, but for me there is nothing like the rice pudding at Fran's (College & Yonge)!