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Sep 17, 2003 05:15 PM

OT? Disability access to restaurants in Toronto (Canada)?

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Was in your fair city for a wedding and went to a dinner at this un-named restaurant. I am not disabled myself but work in the field. The first thing I noticed was there was this pretty high step entering the front door. And this restaurant has just been remodeled, it has a second floor, but no elevator.

In the US, this place would be sued so fast it'll make your head spin. But apparently it is ok in Toronto. In fact I saw one diner who was a wheelchair user. The owner had to help him up the front step. He wasn't too happy with the effort to get into the place. So does Canadian disability laws allow inaccessible public places like restaurants?

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  1. We don't appreciate the American Disabilities Act enough in the US. I, too, work with patients who are disabled (most use wheelchairs) and I wondered how they would get around in Toronto. Don't get me wrong, I loved Toronto, but many restaurants and other public spaces are not accessible. I was in several restaurants that had bathrooms in the basement. How is someone who uses a wheelchair supposed to use the facilities? I have found the same sort of thing to be true in England and Germany as well.