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Sep 17, 2003 08:52 AM

Imperial Buffet

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Has anyone tried the Imperial Buffet that just opened on Eglinton? I'm thinking about bringing my family there for a Sunday lunch and wondered if it's worth it?

Other recommendations would be greatly appreciated ;)

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  1. The Imperial Buffet recently opened. There is ample parking. It is very clean. The servers are prompt and friendly. The food was kept at an appropriate temperature (hot food was kept hot, cold food was kept cold) and quickly replenished when empty. The couple of times I have been there just after it opened the restaurant's atmosphere was bright, lively, and very busy which says something since both times I have gone they hadn't obtained their liquor license yet.

    The Imperial Buffet is a typical Canadian Chinese all-you-can-eat buffet restaurant which features an electic blend of hot and cold Chinese and North American dishes. I realise that a lot of chowhounders would avoid this place like the plague because it is a buffet restaurant or because it is mostly faux chinese food but in comparison with other chinese buffet places I thought the place was worth the money (I went on a weeknight) and if you are bringing younger children they can usually find lots of things to eat.

    Personally, I enjoyed their wonton soup (pork wontons in a savory broth), beef with broccoli (beef and broccoli stir fried together with a touch of onions), and breaded shrimp (deep fried shrimp).

    Their BBQ spareribs (according to my date) and their chicken balls were overcooked and dry which I find is typical with a lot of buffet places. This could be masked on the chicken balls with a helping of their tangy sweet and sour sauce. I personally did not eat any of their North American food (i.e. french fries, onion rings, garlic bread, bangers) but the children eating in the restaurant seemed to be enjoying it.

    There was a wide variety of desserts but I avoided them as per my usual habit at buffet restaurants. I find most buffet restaurants usually don't excel in the dessert department and I am usually disappointed so I have trained myself not to try them. Instead both times I ate there I chose the fresh fruit (i.e. strawberries, watermelon, honeydew melon) which were ripe (yet not over ripe) and pleasant tasting.

    Overall, for a buffet restaurant I thought it was respectable (others on the board might disagree). However, if you want really authentic chinese food with no North American influences you shouldn't dine here.

    1. I did at lunch and could not believe the selection and quality of the food for a measly $6.99! Goin back today, as a matter of fact.

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        Last night my friends and i wanted to try so badly about this restaurant we drove allthe way pass ajax... but it was closed... hmmm... hopefully i can try out soon

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          The one in Ajax is terrific for a buffet - crab, smoked salmon (unusual to find in any other Chinese buffet place. Very clean. I was impressed.

          Don't know how it would compare with the one on Eglinton, apparently (not sure about this) they don't have the variety Ajax has.

      2. What's the exact address?

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          oh oh, and how much for dinner time, weekdays? i tried looking for a website, but none exist.

        2. Does anyone know how to access their coupons? They only show up sometimes in the mail but I understand they are out there frequently.

          This place seems to be one of few food options close to the Cineplex.

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            if you really want to eat there, you can go to their website. . .from there, you can visit their facebook page and sign up for emails, and they will send you a 2for1 coupon. . .enjoy