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Sep 16, 2003 10:43 PM

Eating Garden

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Had lunch at the Eating Garden, a Chinese restaurant, over on Baldwin near McCaul the other day.

I ordered 1 of the lunch specials: General Tao chicken with vegetables, spring roll, tea, soup (corn or hot n sour), and choice of rice or noodles. Chose the latter for both.

The soup was quite good and very different from other hot and sour soups I've had in the past. On first glance, I noticed the soup to be very orange/red in color. Upon tasting it, it wasn't hot (as in spicy) at all but a good red vinegar was used. I was impressed.

The main came next. Very good portions and the chicken looked great. The noodles are served separately in a bowl (like steamed rice). Both the chicken and the noodles were almost cold and the chicken was way overcooked. But I can tell if it were fresh, the chicken would have been good because of the sauce.

The vegetables were just right. Tender and flavorful.

I had a good experience and would be willing to try them again. Although it is somewhat expensive at $6.95+tax There are better deals to be had in the area.

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  1. I LOVE the lunch special at the Eating Garden. My favorite is Salmon with Black Bean sauce -- a whole salmon steak with a crown of fresh vegetables, steamed rice, soup and spring roll for only $6.95. I like to sub two bowls of rice for the spring roll and soup. Maybe there are cheaper places in the area, but I think this is the best deal. The food has always been delicious.
    I must say, I've had the General Tso, and it is my least favorite of the specials.

    1. I work near Dundas and McCaul. I love Baldwin street and did not realize that there were so many restaurants on just 2 blocks.

      I have to try Eating Garden. Have you tried the Jodhpur club?

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        Sounds like an Indian restaurant. I've tried Indian food before and liked Tandoori chicken and naan bread...not too into the saucy stuff.

        Maybe I'll try that place when I'm in the area.