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Churrascaria in Toronto or area

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Does anybody at all know of a real Argentinian Churrascaria restaurant in the GTA (preferrably closer to Toronto)? I mean the kind of place that has the huge variety of char-grilled meats on the skewers that the waiters (grouchos I believe they are called) come around and serve you with. Anybody know of a place like this?


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  1. Not sure if it's exactly what you're looking for, but Sky Ranch is an Argentine place just north of Eglinton on Dufferin. I haven't been there yet so I can't comment on their fare, but it sounds good.

    2473 Dufferin St.
    (416) 787-0491

    Link: http://www.exclusave.com/skyranch-men...

    1. Not to be pedantic, but it might help you with your search: the word "churrascaria" is actually a Portuguese one, and I think you are thinking of a Brazilian-style dinner where servers come by with meat on swords. Having said that, I don't know where you can find such a restaurant in Toronto.

      (Oh, and gauchos -- not grouchos -- are sort of Argentinian cowboys.)


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          It's Brazilian, and mediocre.

          Sky Ranch is Argentinian, but very modest, and not really about grilled meat. You may be thinking of Asado, which is the Argentinian version of Churrasco, its Brazilian cousin, which is what Carnaval ostensibly serves.

          I haven't seen true asado (or brazilian churrasco) in Toronto.


        2. there's also another one in kitchener if you are anywhere near there. called Boa nova.

          1. carnival on highway 7 and east beaver creek

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              We like to go to Carnival. The servers come to your table with the meat selections. Plus there is a self serve buffet for appetizers, salads & desserts.

              The grilled pineapple that is caramelized on the outside makes a great dessert. For $15 per person, it is quite a good deal for a midweek lunch.

            2. Heard of but not tried - Red Violin on Danforth close to Broadview. Please give feedback if you try it. Enjoy!


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                Yeah, I tried it, not very impressive. The meat was of poor-ish quality and mostly overcooked.

              2. if you are willing to take the trip to niagara falls (canadian side) and spend 50 bucks a person... you should check out this place.


                we went just this saturday, for the first time... and it was yummy. the salad bar/warm bar was kindof mediocre. but their selection of meat was good (although they no longer serve sausage or tri-tip). the passadores were courteous. on friday and saturday nights, they have live dancers and musicians. The vibe of the place is nice as well.

                i already want to go again...

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                  Gotta love meat on a sword.

                  We went there last summer and the food was fantastic. I'm sorry to hear no more sausage or tri tip but the lamb, sirloin, chicken and pork will easy my pain.

                  The only real problem with the place is getting a table. It can take a while. I think they only take resos for groups of 6 or more and if you're not there by 5:30 be prepared to wait a couple hours for a table.


                2. The Red Violin at Broadview and Danforth.

                  Granted the food isn't the greatest but you go more for the whole experience than just the food. It's like a more adult version of Medieval Times in terms of food to show ratio.

                  Some people really hate the place - so don't get deterred by negative comments.

                  You take it with a grain of salt (for the Red Violin that means barrels of the stuff).

                  One word of advice - order drinks in multiples as the service is slow and the place is packed.

                  1. Does anyone know of one in Mississauga on Dundas Street near Erin Mills and Winston Churchill? What is it called? I'm looking for reviews if any and prices.