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Sep 14, 2003 02:43 AM

Toronto's Best Chicken Wings

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I have been to the Anchor Bar on Bayview (I think it was Bayview anyway) and was not that impressed with their wings. I thought the sauce (suicide!!) was very, very plain and just tasted like hot sauce out of a bottle.

Is there anybody out there who would like to post their favourite Toronto chicken wing haunt? Where are Toronto's sauciest and tastiest buffalo wings?


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  1. Do a keyword search on the Canada board - there have been several previous discussions on Toronto's best wings. Duff's seems to be the favourite.

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    1. re: Alex

      duff's . Some don't realize you can customize your order here. If you don't like them soupy , ask for "not saucy" otherwise they will come wet. You can also get them crispy. I think the hotter levels mostly come wet. For me its mild medium,not saucy, extra crispy. Perfect every time!-at least twice a week

      1. re: Alex

        I just went to Duffs with some friends. I couldnt believe what the hype was all about. The wings were sour and not good at all. The only ones that were good were the honey garlic, but honestly not worth it!! If you like the kind of wings that arent breaded and orange in colour and sour than this place is for you! Definate dissapointment, and that is coming from 4 people!! Oh their celery dip is good, that was about it. So don't waste your time!

        1. re: linda_brocker

          SPEAKING OF DUFF'S... anyone try their new location at Bathurst and College!?

          1. re: jennjen18

            The most overrated place I have ever been to. I will never eat there again. The wings were scrawny and not hot (spicy) at all, and I am not a person that eats suicide wings a lot. The hot here were mild at best. We also ordered mushroom caps which were still frozen inside when we got them. Barely an apology was offered, and nothing to entice us to forget how bad they were. This was the College location, and is often lined up.. I can't understand why.

            1. re: PrawnSolo

              Did you order the Armageddon wings? If you aren't the type that eats spicy food, there should be no reason you'd find Armageddon wings mild.

              1. re: kwong

                I love spicy food. I just don't like stupid heat. With all the warnings, I would have thought that second from the top would be hot enough.... but they were not, is all I was saying. They were misleading.

                1. re: PrawnSolo

                  The second from the top is the Death sauce, which is still quite hot. In fact, compared to most wing places, Duff's is hotter. That's their main selling point. The wings themselves are not great, but they are much hotter than most. If you don't find them hot, then you are certainly more capable of eating hot than most people.

                  The only reason I ever go to Duff's is when I want to eat hot wings (which happens maybe once a year at most). Otherwise, I would never go there.

                  I don't see what you find misleading about them though because I can't name a SINGLE wing place in Toronto that has hotter wings (not that I've been to every place, but I have been to many).

                  1. re: PrawnSolo

                    As mentioned, Hot is not second from the's actually fourth from the top (after Armageddon, Death, and Super Hot). I personally don't find the Hot particularly hot either (I usually get super hot), but I know people that find medium-hot to be too hot, so each to his own. Before you knock them for not being hot enough you may want to try any of the three heat levels above hot.

                    I personally like Duffs a lot, but the sauce is fairly vinegary, so if that's not someone's thing I can understand why they wouldn't like it. Duffs can also be inconsistant with the amount of sauce you get (although I've never tried specifying the sauce level as someone suggested...maybe that's the key).

                    What I don't get is the recent proliferation of St. Louis around the those are some tough, bland wings.

                    1. re: Strongbad789

                      St. Louis used to be good. Really good.
                      But now they're gone the way of Harvey's/Swiss Chalet.


                      1. re: Davwud

                        I second that Davwud. I found most chicken wing places in TO to be somewhat inconsistent (primarily with the level of duness, and size). I relied on St. Louis to provide me with the dependable quality, but in the past several months I have noticed them slip more and more to the point where I don't want to go there anymore for wings. Sad but true.

                        St. Louis
                        595 Bay St, Toronto, ON M5G2C2, CA

                        St Louis Bar & Grill
                        720 King St W, Toronto, ON M5V2T3, CA

            2. re: linda_brocker

              I agree totally. On a recent visit to the Buffalo area I went to both Duff's and the Anchor Bar to do a proper taste test. Ordered a plate of "medium" at each. To me, Anchor wins hands down. The wings themselves (the meat component, and how they were fried) weren't much different, but Anchor's sauce recipe includes butter to cut down the vinegar bite. Duff's tasted like the wings were dunked in pure hot sauce, and the resultant strong vinegar fumes turned me off and made me sick.

              My wife can't handle anything hot so she ordered mild... at Duffs this meant she got a plate of wings with almost no sauce (it looked like they took the bottle, shook a couple dashes on the wings, and served it). She felt totally ripped off. At Anchor, they cut down the spice and increase the butter ratio so you still got nice saucy wings at the correct spice level...

              I expect to get flamed by all the Duff fanatics very soon...

              1. re: TexSquared

                Totally.. I felt the same way. The wings were too sour! Like I said earlier, and yes I did go to the new location. There was nothing special about it, and I am sure everyone else agrees. It was a whole lotta whoopla for nadda! Oh by the way, Pizza Pizza has really good crispy, HUGE, wings! They were amazing, and now so far one of my favs. Give it a try! It's well worth it if ya like the jumbo sized not so sour ones! But ask for crunchy! Linda.

              2. re: linda_brocker

                "If you like the kind of wings that arent breaded and orange in colour and sour than this place is for you!"

                Yeah, Buffalo wings aren't breaded, are orange from the chili-oil sauce, and sour because the sauce has a fair heft of vinegar. These are Buffalo wings. This is what they should be like.

            3. well, I havn't been to this place in a couple years so I don't know if its still there (or where it exactly is...) but theres this joint out in Burlington. It's either called "Wing Dings" or "Wing It Up." They changed the name from one to the other, which way I can't recall. Anyways, I remember their wings being HUGE and they had all sorts of sauces. Jerk, to pineapple as well as the standards. The few times I visited, I really enjoyed there food. I know its across the street from one of the malls (how many malls can there be in Burlingon?) on the lower west side. I think its the exit of the QEW before the Brant street exit.

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              1. re: ChinBrowSki!

                The thread is "Toronto's best wings" not

              2. The place on Bayview is Duff's (not Anchor) - and it's received the most good reviews, so if you didn't like it you're in trouble!

                1. Duff's on Bayview serves the exact same wings as the original establishment in Amherst, NY. I've been to both many times and have never been disappointed, but I've heard of those who have. The Toronto location has two versions of "suicide", Death and Armageddon. I've never tried either of them. You may find that "authentic" Buffalo wings taste very much like hot sauce out of the bottle, because the sauce itself doesn't have many ingredients (Franks's Hot Sauce, Margerine, Vinegar).

                  For true Buffalo wings you're going to have trouble finding anything better than Duff's, so if they disappoint you then you're probably S.O.L.

                  If you like wings in general there are other options. The last time I was at the Duke of Gloucester, on Yonge south of Bloor, the wings were pretty good. Some swear by St.Louis, but I do not. I've been meaning to check out Wild Wing, but haven't yet. Heard they're good and check out the variety on the menu:

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                  1. re: Mike

                    I think Duff's is the best in the city. You have to like Buffalo style wings though. They have a very definite vinegar taste to them. I usually order hot. Their sauces hotter than that don't seem to be very good.


                    1. re: Davwud

                      I have found none better in TO! In addition, they also have a great deal on Tuesdays. A pound of wings is only $5.99 as long as you purchase a beverage. I'm going tonight.

                  2. I had some great wings at a place out in Etobicoke called Sloppy Joe's, they were huge, and came lightly breaded with a great sauce.

                    Not a real Buffalo wing, but in my opinion, better.

                    Any other hidden gems?

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                    1. re: bbbradk

                      Yes, Sloppy Joe's is pretty good. I have to second that. The best wings I've ever in Waterloo, at this place called Morty's. Damn best wings ever! I use to go at least once a week for 4 years...okay maybe slightly exaggerating, but seriously best wings ever!