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Sep 11, 2003 03:52 PM

Ban Vanipha

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Has anyone tried Ban Vanipha (On Dundas, west of university)??

I pass by it all the time because I work near Dundas and University. It is apparently a Lao and Thai restaurant.
Leah S.

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  1. I enjoy eating here and think that it is one of the best Thai places around. They do some interesting Northern Thai and Laos dishes as well as the Southern coconut milk based curries.

    The most wide spread dish in Laos is Laap. This is a minced pork or chicken salad with mint, cilantro, chilis, scallions and zesty lime juice. The spelling may vary but its a very nice dish.

    If I had one beef it would be portion size. I ordered the green pappaya salad (som tam) and was shocked by how small the serving was. Green pappaya is vary rare here, obviously they rippen on the way over so you usually see this as green mango salad. However, it was very well executed.

    Prices are standard for Thai restaurants but I'm not sure if they do reservations which is a draw back because its very popular.

    Good service too. I would recommend giving the restaurant a try.


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      I concur that Ban Vanipha is a great restaurant - the food is very well executed, subtle mixing of flavours, very fresh ingredients. I would recommend the fried fish in a spicy tamarind sauce. The family is quite industrious, they also have a restaurant on St.Clair few blocks east of Dufferin, with an even bigger and more varied menu, and I believe there is one on Eglinton. I would disagree, though, that their prices are typical of Thai restaurants. I find them a bit more pricey than most (and exorbitant in comparison to the excellent though of a different quality Jean's), especially when you consider the small portions. The higher prices are well worth it though.

    2. Good food, lovely, gentle service. The family that runs it are terrific. It's been one of our favourites for many years.

      Try the Mee Hang, a very good noodle dish.