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Sep 11, 2003 12:28 PM

Stuffed french toast anywhere downtown?

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I'm heading to Toronto (downtown) for a weekend and am wondering if anyone knows of somewhere that serves stuffed french toast. I tried it in Chicago (at Toast) and loved it, so I'd appreciate any info you experts have. Thanks all!

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  1. I'm not sure if French Toast is only considered "stuffed" if it has fruit inside of it... but Xacutti (College and Bathurst) makes a wonderful "Cheesy stuffed french toast". It is not the typical sweet french toast with maple syrup but is of the savoury variety.

    I believe the new Eat Cafe on Dundas West of Ossington makes a stuffed french toast.


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      Back to Leslieville...Yes, Hello Toast serves FABULOUS stuffed french toast - cream cheese and cranberry. Had it for the first time this past weekend and I will definitely order it again!

      Bon appetit...

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        Insomnia at Bathurst and Bloor serves "Heaven on Earth" for brunch - and it lives up to its name - cream cheese and lots and lots of mixed berries, and maple syrup. DELISH!

    2. They used to have stuffed french toast one of the restaurants on Baldwin that serves brunch(can't remember the name) It's on the south side of the street, close to Mata Hari Grill, in an old house.

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        Guy Middleton

        Verveine has a ricotta-lemon stuffed french toast on their weekend brunch menu.

        1. sorry... i've never had stuffed french toast anywhere, except for my house (usually stuffed with brie and raspberries or peaches). i'd be happy to give you a recipe if you email me, though :)

          1. try bonjour brioche on queen east...pretty sure they do it. hart house gallery grill does a fantastic french toast stuffed with oka cheese and covered in hart house maple syrup

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              bonjour brioche = hello toast?

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                It is my understanding that the two places are indeed owned by the same people. Hello Toast is a bit further east on Queen than Bonjour Brioche. As I recall Hello Toast also serves a stuffed french toast at brunch. (or at least they did the last time I was there)

                A bit of advice for fellow 'hounds - if you go for their Sunday brunch (and I do recommend it!) arrive as soon as they open (I think it is 10 but you might want to confirm). The place fills up REALLY quickly!

                I always thought that the naming scheme was pretty amusing.

                1. re: otonabee

                  Apparently, they are not related - check out the review of Hello Toast on for an explanation of the naming.

                  Another place that does stuffed French Toast is Edward Levesque's Kitchen, a bit further east on Queen at Alton (east of Leslie). It's stuffed with lemony ricotta and apricots - very yummy!

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                    I'm hoping that someone will open another joint in the same area, and name it Shalom Challah!

                    1. re: Alex

                      that was terrible. well done!

                      ricotta-stuffed french toast sounds delicious.

                      are hello toast and bonjour brioche open for brekkie/brunch during the week?