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Sep 9, 2003 07:55 PM

Thanks for all the chowhound recommendations-A grateful tourist

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We had two days in Toronto over the Labor Day weekend, and from browsing this site managed to eat incredibly well without all the usual stress of not knowing how to get a good meal in an unfamiliar city. Here's the breakdown:

Chinatown: Kim Moon Bakery for coconut buns and Swatow for lunch
Pappas Grill for Greek meatballs, leg of lamb, and appetizer dips
St. Lawrence Market for peameal bacon sandwich and butter raisin tarts
Greg's Ice Cream-twice! (pumpkin, cinnamon, and roasted marshmallow)
Poutine (although not from chip trucks, but New York Fries at the Eaton Centre-we were there at lunchtime anyway)

You've got a lovely city with some great food! Since I pulled this info from a number of posts, I thought I'd post a general thank you for all the great advice!

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