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Sep 7, 2003 04:14 PM

Dinner as Entertainment/Experience

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I was just thinking after hearing about the Korean Grill earlier about the novel 'date' restaurant or 'visiting guest' place. This restaurant would give a lot of time for talking, but also something to do besides just fill the mouth with food.

For an example the one Fondu place I've been to while visiting a friend in Atlanta, took us 2 to 3 hours till we got out of but it definitely didn't seem that long, we were cooking our food and dipping and eating and talking and time just slipped away. This was a fun memorable experience.

Is there any fondue places in Toronto?

I noticed a Hot Pot buffet on Baldwin just west of Chinatown, where all the food you recieve you put in a pot of boiling water in front of you and then place in a mixture of sauces you put together; has anyone tried this place?

I also think the Korean Grill mentioned in another discussion sounds like it would be entertaining... any other korean cook-your-own worth mentioning?

What about a Japanese Steakhouse where they cook it all in front of you? I have noticed some very expensive chains that I have seen in many U.S. cities in the downtown area. Does anyone know of any small neighborhood Japanese Steakhouses around?

I am sure there are many other fun/interesting places around the city I am not aware of can anyone think of any?

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  1. there's only two japanese places that i know of that do that... Kobe (on king west, i think?) and Benihana at the Royal York hotel.

    i'd LOVE to find a fondue place here, though.

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      Delisle Restaurant and Wine Bar, on Yonge north of St.Clair has cheese fondue. Here is the chef's recipe (and address of the restaurant):


    2. There a couple of japanese grill-table places in the burbs. I *believe* Taste of Japan on Woodbine ave is one. It has grill tables where you sit at a large square bar and a chef comes out to cook the meat in front of you. Prices are reasonable and quality is OK. I don't know if the "show" is worth a special trip to Markham but since you asked...
      Call and check though and be aware most seats are not at the grill you may need to reserve or have a long wait. They were always very busy with office workers at lunch time when I worked up there 3 years ago.

      Taste Of Japan Restaurant
      7501 Woodbine Avenue, Markham, ON L3R2W1
      (905) 470-8858

      1. There is a Japanese Steakhouse right in the heart of Yorkville on Bellair... Yamato 24 Bellair St.

        It's between Cumberland and Yorkville on the West side of the street, just down the stairs.

        It is our favourite romantic restaurant for a dark and blustery winter night, when it is usually pretty quiet inside and out. (I know... it's not a romantic type of restaurant - but hey... whatever works!)