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Sep 4, 2003 11:55 AM

San Marzano Tomatoes

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Where can I purchase these canned San Marzano tomatoes in the Toronto Area?

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  1. At Pasqualies, now on King St.East, but moving shortly to the The west end.

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    1. re: J. Gorman

      Also Fiesta Farms off Christie N. of Bloor, and Grande Cheese on Orfus Rd.

    2. Pascale Gourmet at Yonge and Eglinton currently sells them for $3.99 a can.

      1. Lady of York (Lawrence/Dufferin area)

        Pusateri's (Avenue Rd./Lawrence area)

        And, I'm having a bad memory day today...but Bruno's nephew's store on Bayview...across the street from Hollywood Gelato....geez, can't think of the name, maybe somebody else can, but they have great San Marzanos there too.

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        1. re: Vincero

          lol.....I have those days too!! The name of the store is "Nunzio's"

          1. re: Arlene

            That's the one! Thanks.....I knew someone would get it.

          2. re: Vincero
            Ted Richards

            Where at Pusateri's? I was there yesterday looking for them and couldn't find any. They did have Muir Glen Fire Roasted tomatoes, though, which I've also been wanting to try.

            1. re: Ted Richards

              Should have asked for some assistance there. That's where I buy my main supply. They've got 2 different brands - an Italian one: La Marca San Marzano (Romano brand) and Pastene Authentic San Marzano. Both are great. I guess from time to time they are out of stock, as has happened to me before, but give it another try. It's worth it!

            2. re: Vincero
              galloping gourmand

              it is now called Nunzio's

            3. Okay...

              I was just down on King Street today going to Dinetz to buy a new omelete pan. A few good sales right now at Dinetz by the way... especially Saturdays!

              Anyway, I have never gone into Pasquale Bros. and here was my last chance. I just bought some file for gumbo (can never find it), some crab boil seasoning (always trying to be optomistic about coming across a good crab in Toronto... don't laugh) and four cans of Strianese Brand San Marzano Tomatoes ($3.29 each by the way). I asked and they told me Pasquale Bros. is still going to be on King for two more weeks.

              At the risk of sounding like a newbie... why do I want these so bad? Never had them, best way to use them?

              Oh and Pasquale Bros. had lots of Zatarain's products on sale if you want them.

              If I am off topic, I bow to the uberhounds to redirect this post *smile*