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Sep 4, 2003 11:51 AM

Salad King

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Is Salad King now open?
What has changed?

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  1. Salad King has opened finally, and it's very different. It looked to me like a cross between a university food hall, and a Caban store. They have waiters who take you to your seat, and order at your table. Just like a real restaurant, go figure. :) It's kinda cute in that they look like they're trying to be an upmarket place, but the old Salad King still shines through. They opened today without the renovations being completed, the upstairs isn't open, and the sign wasn't even installed outside.

    Thankfully, the food and prices are still as wonderful as before.

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      I went yesterday too - could not resist. You are correct, it is very different and the Caban reference is pretty much on the money! I was only slightly frustrated last night as I found things to be a little chaotic and slow BUT to their defense it was their first night.

      The food is still wonderful and the prices are about the same. I had the green curry chicken and I beleive that they may have fried the chicken briefly before adding it. As a result I found that the chicken was actually better that it was before. Who knew you could improve on their curry!

      I think that once things calm down it there it will be wonderful.

      1. re: anterabae

        I went today for lunch. I can't recommend it for the average person with one hour for lunchbreak, cause I was at the restaurant well over an hour. Waited for a table only 5 minutes, but then waited too long to order and way too long for the food. In addition they are still renovating the upstairs and the hammering was outta control! Combined with the still-present loud din in the dining room it wasn't too relaxing a way to wait over 20 minutes for my food. The take-out lineup appeared pretty long and disorganized as well.

        I'm sure I'll be back though - maybe when they finish the upstairs. The food is still damn fresh & tasty. And I like the cute new t-shirts the wait staff wear that say "Hot!" on the front and Salad King on the back.