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Sep 2, 2003 01:50 PM

Trip feedback - Moraccan at Boujadi - more notes to follow

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First, a thanks to everyone on this list, your suggestions and ideas were very helpful in my recent trip to Toronto this past weekend. We didn't get to eat the Indonesain Ristaffel that I wanted, but instead we did find a number of great places that I highly recommend, reviews and suggestions follow.

We ended up at Boujadi, a kosher moroccan restaurant at 999 Englinton Ave W. ( The food at Boujadi is extremely good, very flavorful, and perhaps the best Moroccan food I've ever had, accompanied by a nice selection of drinks (wines, but also great fresh lemonade, mint iced tea, and great turkish coffee for dessert). If you don't order the Pastilla (available as either an appetizer or an entree) you are missing out on an amazing eating experience. I also highly recommend whatever the daily special is - when we went it was a slow cooked chicken with apples, prunes, and appricots served on a bed of couscous with assorted vegetables - extremely flavorful and great.

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