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Aug 29, 2003 11:05 AM

Key lime pie recipe

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I've just bought a bag of key limes. What a fantastic fragrance! Does anyone remember where I might have come across a recipe for authentic key lime pie recently? I'm thinking it was one of the local papers, but can't remember which or when.

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  1. try
    They have several good recipes for key lime pie.
    I haven't tried them, as I prefer tart lemon confections.
    They also have an excellent recipe for goose livers, but always remember to vary a recipe to your own taste.
    I add garlic to almost everything, and use only course salt!

    1. Hi Sujata,

      Unless you are dead-set on finding the recipe from your local paper, your question is really better suited for the General Topics board, where hounds from all locales discuss food and recipes.

      Feel free to go ahead and repost there, and we'll delete this thread.

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      1. re: The Chowhound Team

        I was specifically interested in an article I saw in a local paper recently, but I've since located it - Toronto Star's May 28 food section, an article on finding key limes in T.O., and two recipes.

        1. re: sujata

          I missed the article. Where can you get Key Limes in Toronto?

          1. re: Middydd

            The article names a few places, but warns that they are not always in stock, and they are right!
            I got mine at Fiesta Farms off Christie N. of Bloor this week, but this was the only time I've seen them there. I also saw them at the Cheese Boutique (Ripley Ave) once.
            The article suggests trying NASR Foods, a Middle Eastern supermarket at 1996 Lawrence Ave. E., near Warden Ave. (416-757-1611),The Harvest Wagons at 1103 Yonge St. (416-923-7542) and 546 Eglinton Ave. W. (416-487-0388) and Pusateri's, 1539 Avenue Rd. (416-785-9100). Apparently, Pusateri's will order them for you when they're not in stock.

            1. re: Sujata

              I just saw them at Whole Foods on Avenue Rd.

              1. re: Sujata

                Thank you, how very generous of you to include the phone number as well. Much appreciated!!!

        2. I think you're refering to the article in the Toronto Star Food section of May 28, 2003. They did a feature on key limes and authentic key lime pie. The article is available for a fee from their online archive