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Aug 28, 2003 10:09 AM

goose liver and olive oil

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Does anyone know where I can buy goose livers in Toronto?
Also Pusateri's once carried a wonderful French olive oil.
They now carry French olive oil, but not as good as the old brand.
Where can I buy French olive oil?
Thanks for your suggestions.

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  1. The Cheese Boutique on Ripley Ave. has a great selection of olive oils from all over the world. They also have fois gras, or do you mean just ordinary goose liver?

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    1. re: sujata

      I will visit the Cheese Boutique
      But, I do mean the goose livers, not pate or fois gras

      1. re: erley

        Don't think I can help you with the goose liver - I have never seen it anywhere. I would think that places like Cumbrae on Church could special order it for you, though. What do you do with it?

        1. re: sujata

          Saute it
          It is delicious, and far meatier, yet smoother than chicken liver.
          Coated lightly with flour, herbs, garlic, and a nice wine glaze

    2. I've been wracking my brain for a day now trying to think of the name of the Poulty Market in Kensington but will just post and hopefully others will know it. They always have fresh goose livers and the quality is exceptional. It's on the side of the street that's one south of Baldwin????

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      1. re: Elizabeth

        One street south of Baldwin in Kensington Market is St. Andrew street, and the only butcher on that very short street is St. Andrew's Poultry, who does not carry goose liver, or goose anything.

        You must be thinking of another butcher - if you can think of the name, please let us know because I would be very interested in trying out this fresh goose liver that's not fois gras. Thanks, Elizabeth!

        1. re: Heather

          Heather - that's the one - I know I've bought goose livers there but perhaps it's always been around Xmas (and they stock goose livers for Xmas?).

          Alternatively, the poulty vendors on the north side of the market might special order them - again, I know they tend to carry them during the Xmas season.