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Aug 27, 2003 04:28 PM

Going up the 404

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When we head up north we like to stop for a quick lunch somewhere near the 404. Recently we've tried a couple places in the food court at the First Markham Place on Number 7 between Warden & Woodbine. There are lots of inexpensive tasty varieties of Asian food there--we haven't hit a bad place yet.

Can anyone recommend other places to have a quick yet tasty lunch near to the 404, north of the 401? No cuisine in particular required, we just want good food, fairly inexpensive cost and most importantly quick service. Needless to say when we leave, we don't want to be hungry for at least another three hours.


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  1. Johnny's Hamburgers at Victoria Park and Sheppard is just east of the 404 and just north of the 401. It's been there forever, and is regarded by many as the best charbroiled greasy spoon-style burger in the city. It's not haute cuisine, but it satisfies your criteria for fast, good, and cheap. Johnny is a bit of a hamburger nazi, so don't make direct eye contact, and don't ask for lettuce or mayo.

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      Johnny's is gross. Don't bother. They do not grind their own beef or make their own burgers. They use frozen preformed patties that taste like the cardboard box they come out of.

      1. re: FoodLuvr

        Thanks for the recommendations. If you think of any more places near the 404, please post'em.

        We went to Johnny's. The guy assembling the condiments was quite a character, but his burgers were disappointing. "Frozen preformed patties" and "cardboard box" are pretty apt descriptions of the before and after state of the hamburgers. The fries and onion rings weren't much better.

        For a quick burger, albeit not near the 404, I'd recommend to the burger combos at diners like Peoples Foods or a burger place like Licks, Webers or in a pinch Tobys.

      2. re: danthrax

        Not sure who you think "Johnny" is, but I can assure you he's not there. Ownership has changed hands and although I still go there whenever I'm close by - these are NOT the same burgers I remember having.

      3. For beef brisket (Chinese style), I had previously recommended Noodle Express at the Metro Square Food Court, 3636 Steeles Avenue East (between Victoria Park and Warden). This is great quality suitable for take out, not fine dining. (At the risk of repeating myself, the Chinese say "you can't eat decor").

        The link below is for the posting on May 26, 2003