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Aug 26, 2003 10:49 PM

Indian Regional Cuisine in Toronto

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My neighbour is looking for a Bengali restaurant in Toronto. Anyone have any suggestions?

NOW had a short review of a place on Jarvis (Billan? I don't have the review in front of me...) which said they served Bengali and Somali food. Is it just me, or does that sound unlikely? I'll check it out anyway - it sounds grotty, the neighbourhood's a bit dodgy, should be interesting.

What I'd really like to find is a good Goan place. Or even a place that has a few Goan dishes on the menu.


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  1. I too would be very interested to know if there is any Bengali cuisine in Toronto. I checked out the review for Billan, and none of the dishes they described sound very Bengali to me....definitely more Somalian-ish.

    The cuisine is charactarized by tons of fish (usually river caugh - such as the Hilsa fish,as Bengal is right on the Ganges), prepared with mustard oil and roasted mustard seeds. Really delish & unique, but seemingly impossible to find here. I know The Host has a dish on their menu they call "Bengali style salmon" or something like that, that I've been meaning to check out...but that's all I've been able to source out. Annoyingly, the best & only Bengali dishes in Toronto seem to be found in people's homes rather than in restaurants, so I may just have to continue harassing my mother to donate her leftovers to me! Phooey.