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Aug 23, 2003 06:51 PM

Celestin Bakery (croissants)

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Celestin Bakery

In theory this place would be great. It is a beautifully appointed French patisserie on Mt. Pleasant, owned and managed by a genuine French couple. Therein lies the problem. The French have a way of doing things just the way they like. In this case, they like to have no croissants and give you attitude about it. Last Sunday morning upon trying to look at the cafe we were shooed out. They were also out of croissants but we were told to come back in 2 1/4 hours. (Croissants only take half that time.) Not to worry...they'll soon be out of business and a genuine foodie will run this beautiful establishment. In the meantime, try Daniel et Daniel or DavidÂ’s.

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  1. Hi,

    I have another recommendation for croissants. I will be honest and tell you that I hesitated to post this because I want to make sure that there are always enough for me!

    Broadview Bakery on Queen just east of Broadview. The owners are Indian and they bake a really good croissant. I admit that I am not well travelled so I may not know what I am talking about but I can tell you that I have to bring a dozen into my office every Friday or they would lynch me...

    Somehow this gentleman manages to sell them three for 99 cents.

    Their bagels are pretty neat too. Shiney outside, very tender, light and chewy inside. They are not dense like a Montreal bagel but they certainly have their own charm.

    They do an Indian lunch everyday too but I am only ever there in the early mornings so I have never tried it but it always smells so good cooking! I would love to hear from ayone who has had it.

    It's not beautiful but I suggest you give it a try...


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      how early in the morning are they open? those croissants sound like they might be worth a stop-over on my way to work, but that would have to be 7:30am or so...

      1. re: julesrules


        I know I've picked some up about 07:45 on some mornings. You could give them a call to be sure...

        Broadview Bakery and Deli (416)466-2118

        I hope they are good! I am always terrified recommending things! Let us know what you think.


        1. re: Taryn

          No worries, I need good excuses to walk to work anyway. Can't beat 3 croissants for 99 cents and if they aren't up to my exquisite taste my fiance will love 'em ;)

          Thanks for the info and the phone number. But I will let you know what I think and will be looking for samosas there as well (I like a spicy breakfast once in a while)

          1. re: julesrules

            Hi again...

            I've had the Broadview samosas before... also for breakfast! The filling is great (I think they just do veggie these days), well spiced but you should be warned that the dough is thick and a bit oily. I've only ever had them cold or a bit nuked at the office though. I've wondered what they would turn out like heated in the oven for a bit. Probably very good... just be prepared for something hearty and homestyle... not light and ethereal!

            Taryn *who is hungry now*

    2. Two other recommendations for croissants would be Pain Perdue on St. Clair W. (Winona?) and Clafouti on Queen W. across from Trinity Bellwoods Park. Not quite as good as the ones I remember from Paris, but a decent facsimile none-the-less!

      1. Why not try Rahier pâtisserie, 1717 Bayview (soon to move to 1586 Bayview Ave.) - Tel.: 416-482-0917
        Their croissants are a bit sweeter than the typical French ones in France but very fluffy. Their Chocolate buns are A1, as the rest of their goodies. Go early (they open at 8 a.m.) or call. My daughter lives in Thornhill and she made me their delivery girl...