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Aug 22, 2003 03:41 PM

Best ice cream place???

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Hello everyone.
As this season comes to a close, I was just wondering what is your favorite ice cream place, particularily in the West end.

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  1. Evelyn, do a keyword search for "ice cream" on this board as well as the old Canada board (before Toronto got its own board) - this topic has been discussed several times. You'll see that La Paloma and Greg's get mentioned a lot.

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    1. re: catherine

      Hello. I have been to Gregg's--I LOVE the marshmallow ice cream!!!!!!!!! It's one of my favorites. Has anyone ever mentioned Tom's???

      1. re: Evelyn


        Are you referring to Tom's on the Queensway?

        We have always hoped that, despite a reference in Toronto Life a few years ago, it would remain part of our "private" domain of places.
        Ah, cranky father Tom and his Cadillac, his seasonal returns from Tampa, his traditional sundae-names board [i.e., "June Brides," and so on]...and Tom's very pleasant son...and dad's encyclopedic knowledge of Christmas trees...
        Great soft ice cream, great low burgers, and a southern west-end tradition--Tom's and Mama Martino's...but Bruno's another story and another food-group...

        Good times.

        1. re: pearl

          You really must try Demetre's on the Danforth (Danforth and Chester). Yes, it's a chain... but it's home-made ice cream (they don't get their ice cream from anyone, they make it themselves!). They have really interesting flavors such as Tiramisu, White Chocolate and quite a few more. They have quite the large menu... either you can buy your ice cream seperately or wrapped in a crepe, waffle or you can enjoy it as a sundae or shake. They even have a few light choices on their menu (for the ones who are watching their weight). It's an excellent choice... I highly recommend it!

          1. re: Nina

            I've always found Demetre to be rather bland, over-hyped and overpriced. Greg's has the best ice cream in the city, in my opinion.

            1. re: chloe74

              I agree that Demetre is no good. Their stuff is mediocre quality. They don't know how to make espresso/cappuccino/coffee. Don't go there if you love great desserts.

              Three of the city's best desserts: White chocolate, raspberry & pistacchio pie at Grano. Molten chocolate cake at Morton's. Cannoli from Sicilia Bakery in Woodbridge. Oh yeah.

            2. re: Nina

              Hi there,

              I am very interesting about the best ice cream in Toronto and would like to know where is Demetre's on the Danforth (Danforth and Chester).
              What is the address?
              I want to try their ice cream wrapped in crepe.
              thanks so much,