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Aug 22, 2003 10:33 AM

Not a 7 Numbers fan

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I'm here to spoil the party for 7 Numbers. I just went there for dinner and while the food was tasty, I wouldn't go back. The place exuded too much "un-attitude" (wine list written on brown paper, none of the chairs match). They want you to believe that appearances are not important -- but then work really hard to appear as if appearances are not important. Yes, the food was good, the price was relatively low, but I wouldn't go for a second visit. And that's a weighty statement for me considering I live to eat.
(Okay 7 Numbers fans, I'm ready for your rebuttal)

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  1. There isn't anything to debate. The good is good, the prices are low, but you don't like it because you think they're superficial? That hardly sounds like a reason not to dine there, at least for me. Even though you quite obviously were annoyed by how the restaurant presents itself, you still couldn't hold back your positive feelings on the food. If I go to 7 Numbers, I'm going for the food, not for the ambiance.

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      I fall in the middle. I've had good meals at 7 Numbers, and you have to admit the lamb shank and osso bucco are ace, but if I want that kind of dining, I prefer Five Doors North or Gio's really really nice restaurant.

      Just a matter of taste, I guess.

    2. Very interesting comments. The attitude and presentation at 7 numbers is so pretentious and annoying. They try so hard to be hip. It smacks of effort.

      Many of the patrons also seem to fancy themselves among the in-crowd even though they're clearly mostly middle-class squares like me.

      I don't like the place. I didn't like the Nose, and I don't like Five Doors North. Too much attitude. The food is only ok.

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        Vinnie Vidimangi

        I like the cooking and ordinarily I am indifferent about ambience. However the room is so dark and there is so much noise from the stupid banging that passes for music that I can't wait to get out of there and resist, no refuse,to return. As for price, given how little it cost the owners to open up and how jammed the room is, the cost is not low, and I have a bit of resentment that it is not lower. But they do have the right idea. It should not cost 300-400K to open in order to serve a decent plate of food. The problem is that a sensible and honest operator is not appreciated in Toronto, and if the owners of 7#s have to go overboard on the shtick in order to get people to come, perhaps one should accept it; if like me, the delibarate oppressive vulgarity of the room takes away all the pleasure from the food, then don't go. VVM

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          I went to 7#'s a few months ago and had the sampling dish with a small group of people. Almost all of the dishes came with a tomato sauce base. Not very imaginative dishes. Also, since the sauce was not very good the food was just passable (given the price). We ordered polenta as a side dish, and guess what, it also came with a tomato sauce base. I will not go back.

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. I don't understand the hype. It is pleasant food, occasionally rising above or falling below that level. It is not, and never has been, memorable dining, at the current location or the previous one on Eglinton.

            It is dark, but is not romantic because it is, indeed, too noisy for any reasonable conversation. And the staff and management are, indeed, nasty, vulgar, and extremely pretentious. They manage the extraordinary feat of being pretentious about their contrived unpretentiousness.

            If a customer asks for something they don't have (try asking for butter in lieu of their olive oil bread dip), one can expect (depending on who one asks - some staff have been nice) to be insulted instesd of simply being told that they don't have any.

            If you like this style of cooking and presentation, go to Gio's at Queen and Leslie. It's loud, but more bearable. The food is better, and I've always felt welcome despite being hopelessly out of style.