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Aug 22, 2003 09:26 AM

Indian Restaurant

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Before the blackout, I inquired about a good Indian restaurant with an extensive veg. selection.
Please help!
I am entertaining South Indians this evening!!!!!!
I retraced the board, and had settled on Biryani House, but there were some not so good reviews.
Would really appreciate some suggestions
Preferably in the city

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  1. I'd recommend Trimurti which is on Queen St. about a block west of University. It has a menu that is very similar to the Nataraj which is a very popular restaurant on Bloor in the Annex and might actually be run by former cooks of the Nataraj.

    I have included a link to their webiste which lists their menu. I have not tried many of their veg dishes except the paneer which I like.

    The service is good , the food is good and it is not as crowded as the Nataraj so you can relax with your family without being hussled out after you finish. There is also a restaurant called Babur that is nearby that is quite good too that can serve as a back up.

    That's my two cents and I hope you enjoy if you use the suggestion.


    1. I would stick with Biryani House, it's the best Indian food gets in Toronto. Debu Saha is a master, and had such a following at the old location for the food that the new odd/faux-upscale location should not hinder people from eating there.

      Or for more inexpensive, go to his old location where it's not quite the same but still not bad upon revisit.

      Also, the Eglinton location of Bombay Bhel is very the review