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Aug 21, 2003 10:05 PM

GRAND BACCUS/LA PENTOLA/EMBERS .... banquet hall search

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Has anyone heard anything about The Grand Baccus Banquet Hall in Northeast Toronto? I'm still searching for a Baptism Reception venue and had heard of this place but had not heard any reviews. The web site looks promising.

Note to all ... I went to La Pentola on Eglinton ... what a dump (claustorphobic) and the owner is an overtired long overdue for retirement bitter old man who hussled me into his kitchen and trapped me in the kitchen to show me how amazing his vacuum packed steaks were. Scaaaarrryyy!!!

I also checked out Embers on Warden ... ewwwwwwww stinky and schizophrenic decor... can't comment on food but buffet set-up looked icky and sweaty.

i am so discouraged.........

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  1. Try this place...hope this helps


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    1. re: margarine

      I have been there for a function...nice atmosphere but sub-standard fare.

      Thanks anyways

    2. My boss's dad owns banquet halls. Lovely, and the food is amazing. email me.

      1. I second that on La Pentola and Embers...

        Both places are TERRIBLE. Don't go there. Stay away like the plague.

        Have never heard of Grand Baccus either.

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          I had my wedding at Grand Baccus on August 31st 2003, It is by far one of the nicest banquet halls in Toronto, Livio the owner is a bit arrogant. My wedding was a mess, unbelievable service, the head table waiter was an indian guy who STUNK so bad, I had to talk to the floor manager about it, food was late, food was undercooked (chicken) was a HORRIBLE experience, the place is nice but service is bad, from what I hear there are 3-4 lawsuits against the place because of ruined weddings.