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Aug 21, 2003 02:16 PM

St.Clair West suggestions?

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Hi everyone,

I have just moved into the St.Clair West area (near Oakwood) and I am dying to explore its culinary possibilities. I already know about Alberts and the St.Clair churrasqueria (I am portuguese so that place was old news) but I would love to know any other favorites people have in the area. St.Clair seems to be quite strong in S.American cuisine while the Oakwood area has lost of Jamaican&West Indian choices.

So any favorite restaurants and bars out there?

Muito Obrigado for any help in advance


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  1. Great neighbourhood for discovering good food. Here's just a mere scratching of the surface.

    At Oakwood and Rogers is Costa Verde Churrasqueria which I think has better take-out grilled chicken than the one's on St Clair W. Nova Era Bakery is up there too. Marcello's at Dufferin & St Clair W. has some stellar inexpensive Italian food. I finally got to California Sandwiches (just west of Dufferin) and it has excellent Italian veal & steak sandwiches. Corso Italia is an area that has tons of places to check out. There are also great ice cream shops on each end of St Clair W--La Paloma near Lansdowne & Dutch Dreams near Alberts at Vaughan Road.

    I haven't started to hit the Peruvian and other Latin American places yet, but there's certainly lots to choose from.

    1. From West to East:
      Lansdowne--La Paloma for the best gelati in the city
      Dufferin--Marcello's for authentic Italian
      W. of Oakwood--Fire Pit for suprisingly good burger with fried onions
      W. of Christie--Mi Tierra for Columbian with review below