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Aug 20, 2003 11:36 PM

Everyday quality dark chocolate -- where do you buy it?

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For the past two years, I've been buying the President's Choice big (900g?) chocolate bars at Loblaws. They're convenient to find, good quality (French chocolate) and the bittersweet bar doesn't have milk in it -- our family is avoiding dairy.

The price that I usually remember in Loblaws stores is $4.99, and I've seen it down to $3.99 at Christmas time, and at No Frills stores. I was at No Frills (Carlaw north of Gerrard) today, and the bar was $5.49.

We don't go through that much chocolate -- we just keep it on the shelf, and break off a hunk when we need it, so the huge bar may last a month or two when we don't have great cravings.

The President's Choice bar may (or not be) still be a great deal, but I thought I would check with other chowhounds on what they do for everyday chocolate. I'm not talking about going to a chocolatier or speciality store, and I'm also not talking about candy bars. Dark chocolate is harder to find than milk chocolate.

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  1. The P.C. bars are pretty decent, but for just a little more money, you can buy the big Lindt dark chocolate bars. They are sometimes on sale, especially around the holiday season, for $4.99! I stock up when I see that, because they are great for baking as well as eating. The other idea is to go to a bulk store like Ambrosia or even the bulk barn and buy dark chocolate.
    Whole Foods Market also sells chunks of quality chocolate, wrapped in bulk style packages - prices are pretty good because you are not paying for fancy packaging.

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      OK, in the basement of St.Lawrence market, there is a bulk candy place that has really cheap individually wrapped high quality chocolate. They have all of the lindor flavrs, I think 5 for $1. They probably have dark chocolate as well, but I just thought I would let all you chocoholics know. :)

    2. I know you said no specialty stores, but I just had to mention Stubbe's Chocolates at 253 Davenport, where they will sell you Callebaut chocolate (good price, excellent, consistant quality) in whatever quantity you want - they just chop it off the block for you. I buy all my baking chocolate (semi-sweet, bitter, white, milk) there, because usually you have to buy Callebaut at specialty stores in 10kg blocks. Most chocolate enthusiasts consider Lindt to be a notch above Callebaut, but it costs more and I've always had good results with the Callebaut. sg