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Aug 13, 2003 06:27 PM

Good restaurants near train station

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We'll be in Toronto for one night, and we'll be staying near the train station before departing on the Canadian the next morning for Vancouver. We're looking for good food hopefully walking distance in the area...interested in good ethnic suggestions rather than fine dining. Thanks for any suggestions.

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  1. There have already been a bunch of previous discussions regarding that area (Union Station, SkyDome, etc), if you'd like to check. There are NO good restaurants there, so just get the hell out.

    Stroll east on the north side of Front Street (the train station's on the south side of Front) - the first lights will be at Bay St. - keep walking to the next lights, Yonge. You'll see the Hockey Hall of Fame on the northwest corner, complete with cheezy sculptures and such. There's an entrance there to get you into BCE Place - go in, and you'll immediately see Marché, where you can have fun (albeit touristy) food - you get a tray and choose your food from a large number of food stations (seafood, sushi, pasta, rösti, rotisserie, etc).

    If you don't like it there, get on the south side of Front Street. Cross Yonge, and cross Church. Just before Jarvis, you'll see Spring Rolls, if you're into pan-Asian grub. Say hello to the miniature shark in the fish tank (it's a mascot, as opposed to dinner) for me. See the link below for their menu.

    If you get there and can't find a table or don't like it, cross Front Street to the north side, keep walking east (past Jarvis St. to the next block, George St. - now you're on the northwest corner of Front St. E. and George), where Romagna Mia serves some wonderful northern Italian food (despite some curious criticism that it's "tourist" food).

    If you don't like it there, then you'll have to walk north on George Street until you hit King Street East (first intersection), then turn left (west) and walk a very short distance until you hit Hiro Sushi. Best sushi in downtown Toronto, although not the best overall Japanese restaurant in the Greater Toronto Area (that would be Sushi Kaji and Hashimoto).

    If you don't like any of these suggestions, get into a cab and ask the driver where he likes to eat. Chances are, you'll get a good suggestion for ethnic eats.


    1. There's two Irish pubs very close by Union Station that offer really good fare, although the cost is a bit more than the usual pub. Try either the Irish Embassy and its sister pub PJ Obrien. The chips and curry sauce at the Embassy are really good. I like PJ's better on the weekend as it's a bit quieter even when there's a band playing.

      Their websites are below

      Irish Embassy