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Aug 13, 2003 02:25 PM

Best Hummus/Baba Ghanouj

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I'm looking for recommendations for good places to go for take away hummus/baba/eggplant to be used for dipping pita bread. I would prefer if the establishment sold it in different sized plastic containers that are easily transportable.

Until now I have been getting these dips at either the St. Lawrence market or at Steeles/Bathurst area but I am looking for a change.

If you know of any especially in Scarborough or the downtown area, that would be great.


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  1. Daiter's Creamery & Appetizers
    5984 Bathurst
    North York

    Just a short ride on the 401.

    Unbelievable baba ganoush.


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      1. b
        bottomless pit

        If you're too lazy to make it, many grocery stores and specialty food stores on the Danforth sell this.
        Be forewarned: Its pricey!
        And if you haven't tried, you have to taste taramousalata (sp)-its another dip-but its fish roe caviar and is pink in color! Its amazing with warm pita bread! Mmmmm. You can get this at any of the greek restaurants on the Danforth-served as a taster plate.

        Places I can think of off the top of my head:

        IGA (Pape and Danforth)
        The Big Carrot (a specialty grocery store for vegetarians and healthy eaters)-at Chester and Danforth tucked into the Carrot Common
        Sun Valley (just past IGA)

        Greek cheese stores and butchers/bakeries also might sell it
        A great place to get cheese, meat, dips and great greek pasteries is Serano Bakery on Pape Ave 1-2 blocks north of the Danforth in a plaza also featuring a Pizza Hut

        1. I feel very strongly about this topic! The absolute BEST BABA EVER is available at the Armenian Kitchen on the West side of Vic Park between Eglinton and Lawrence. It's a restaurant but they do take out with varying sizes of Baba (and hummous and Foule - like hummous but made with fava beans). They throw in some pita & pickles too.

          The secret to this fab Baba in my opinion is that they roast the eggplant, possibly on a shwarma spit?, and it has a wonderful smoky flavour. I've never had anything like it anywhere else!

          To the person looking for tahini, I've always been able to find it at any good-sized grocery store. I don't think you could call a dip made without it "hummous", really (yes, i'm a snob ;)

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            Jules may rule but I strongly disagree with his Baba recommendation. Absoulte best Baba is Jerusalem on Eglinton West. Hands down.

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              I agree, 100%. it is fresh... Not pre-packaged... I don't like food from a container :(... Love their hummous!!! Not a huge fan of the food there but their dips are perfect...

            2. Leslieville Cheese Boutique (Queen/Logan) has some nice dips from 3's Company Cafe. They're not cheap, but they're quite good and unique. The standard hummus/baba, plus sundried tomato, caramelized onion & stilton, etc.

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                agree with sun valley. there is one at danforth rd. and birchmount in scarborough and one in the pape/danforth ave area in east york . probably close to you. great hummus and other dips.