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Best Hummus/Baba Ghanouj

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I'm looking for recommendations for good places to go for take away hummus/baba/eggplant to be used for dipping pita bread. I would prefer if the establishment sold it in different sized plastic containers that are easily transportable.

Until now I have been getting these dips at either the St. Lawrence market or at Steeles/Bathurst area but I am looking for a change.

If you know of any especially in Scarborough or the downtown area, that would be great.


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  1. Daiter's Creamery & Appetizers
    5984 Bathurst
    North York

    Just a short ride on the 401.

    Unbelievable baba ganoush.


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      bottomless pit

      If you're too lazy to make it, many grocery stores and specialty food stores on the Danforth sell this.
      Be forewarned: Its pricey!
      And if you haven't tried, you have to taste taramousalata (sp)-its another dip-but its fish roe caviar and is pink in color! Its amazing with warm pita bread! Mmmmm. You can get this at any of the greek restaurants on the Danforth-served as a taster plate.

      Places I can think of off the top of my head:

      IGA (Pape and Danforth)
      The Big Carrot (a specialty grocery store for vegetarians and healthy eaters)-at Chester and Danforth tucked into the Carrot Common
      Sun Valley (just past IGA)

      Greek cheese stores and butchers/bakeries also might sell it
      A great place to get cheese, meat, dips and great greek pasteries is Serano Bakery on Pape Ave 1-2 blocks north of the Danforth in a plaza also featuring a Pizza Hut

      1. I feel very strongly about this topic! The absolute BEST BABA EVER is available at the Armenian Kitchen on the West side of Vic Park between Eglinton and Lawrence. It's a restaurant but they do take out with varying sizes of Baba (and hummous and Foule - like hummous but made with fava beans). They throw in some pita & pickles too.

        The secret to this fab Baba in my opinion is that they roast the eggplant, possibly on a shwarma spit?, and it has a wonderful smoky flavour. I've never had anything like it anywhere else!

        To the person looking for tahini, I've always been able to find it at any good-sized grocery store. I don't think you could call a dip made without it "hummous", really (yes, i'm a snob ;)

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          Jules may rule but I strongly disagree with his Baba recommendation. Absoulte best Baba is Jerusalem on Eglinton West. Hands down.

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            I agree, 100%. it is fresh... Not pre-packaged... I don't like food from a container :(... Love their hummous!!! Not a huge fan of the food there but their dips are perfect...

          2. Leslieville Cheese Boutique (Queen/Logan) has some nice dips from 3's Company Cafe. They're not cheap, but they're quite good and unique. The standard hummus/baba, plus sundried tomato, caramelized onion & stilton, etc.

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              agree with sun valley. there is one at danforth rd. and birchmount in scarborough and one in the pape/danforth ave area in east york . probably close to you. great hummus and other dips.

            2. I respect the adventurer in you, but if you're getting it from Steeles/Bathhurst then I'm presuming you know about Me Va Me...I swear by their hummus, and frankly I make hummus all the time and have friends who do as well, ad I've never had homemade hummus that comes close to it.

              1. The baba from Boris and Bella downstairs at SLM is fantastic for garlic lovers. It is addictive.

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                  By Boris & Bella, do you mean Unique Fine Foods the little deli just next to Domino's? I hope so. Like all of her stuff so far.

                2. Arz Bakery on Lawrence west of Warden. Both hummus and baba ganouche really good, as is their labneh (sp?), which is thick yogurt with garlic and mint. The first two items are in the fridge, the latter you get at their deli counter. Also the BEST pita to go with them, usually still warm in the bag.

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                    Yes, Arz has excellent dips as well as pita's.

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                      Thanks for resuscitating this old thread, allowing me to blather on about my favourite dips, hummus and baba ghanoush. I lean more to hummus than baba, and many of the names bandied about here are still going strong, especially Arz, Me Va Me and Mashu Mashu. Though I find the once-solid hummus at Jerusalem, on Eglinton Ave., to be kinda lack-lustre nowadays. But there are lotsa good hummus joints around. In my end of town, I like Dr. Laffa, in the Steeles-Dufferin neighbourhood, for sit-down. And, for takeout, the ever-reliable retail store attached to Sababa, on Steeles Ave. West, where three freshly-made and differently-spiced hummuses are dispensed, all delicious. I also find that any good hummus joint usually delivers the goods on other dips, like baba ghanoush, as well.

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                        Hi again, This past weekend, ate at Paramount Fine Foods on -out,. Located at Yonge St. north of Steeles. Amazing hummus, dips, etc. They have other locations. Great food, great service, full take. Worth a try. Also, have picked up dips from Super Khorak. (south of Steeles) Also good.

                  2. I would KILL to know what the secret to the hummus they serve at Wish is. KILL!!!

                    1. You need to try the hummus and baba at Ararat on Avenue Road (between Wilson and Lawrence, across from the No Frills). Amazing. They do hummus, red pepper hummus, yellow pepper hummus (a new favorite of mine). Their olives are also to die for, especially the big spicy ones and the cracked green ones that have been marinated with lemon. They also make their own pita chips - they are usually still warm when I pick them up. They are kept behind the counter so you need to ask for them.

                      Also, Nortown's smoked eggplant dip is also absolutely delicious. I believe it is available at all of their locations (Bathurst & Eglinton, York Mills & Bayview, Promenade Mall).

                      1. I really enjoy the hummus from Momo's at Harbord & Robert St, just off Spadina, if you're in the area. They have a little grocery/take-out store as well as a restaurant.

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                          I'll probably be considered a complete Philistine (although the Philistines were what we now call Palestinians, and thus this would be appropriate) but I recently had a can of baba ghannouge, Cortas brand, product of Lebanon. Excellent, charcoal broiled taste.

                        2. Best Hummus in the city that I have tasted thus far can be found at Mashu Mashu on Spadina just north of St Clair (and just south of Lonsdale) on the east side. I highly recommend it!