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Aug 13, 2003 02:11 PM

Looking for the Best Carbonara in Toronto

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HUGE craving for a PROPERLY done carbonara....but have yet to find one.


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  1. I posted this in response to best Italian in toronto--try Trattoria de Gianni e Maria, on St. Claire near Bathurst.

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    1. re: Ilana

      So, are you saying they have the best Carbonara in Toronto? I wasn't quite clear.

      At this point, I'll even take the second best Carbonara since I can't even find it on any restaurant menus.

    2. Still searching on my end...
      Will be trying to make this at home soon, I've given up trying to find even the authentic thing never mind the best. Will probably have to substitute pancetta for guanciale - unless someone knows where I can buy some.
      Had so-so spaghetti and penne carbonara in Roma last November, but didn't have the time to find other places - too little time, too much food to eat.