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Aug 12, 2003 10:59 PM

Authentic Greek Gyros on Danforth

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For authentic Greek Gyros try a place on the Danforth called Messini (I think that's how you spell it). It's not the carboard mystery meat type that's pressed together it's made with real pieces of identifiable meat. Hint ... make sure the owner cuts it or watch them cut it fresh off the spinner so you don't get last night's leftovers. The prices are great, the portions are pretty big and the service is fast and friendly. Also how to tell it's authentic ...there are usually french fries in the pita with the souvlaki meat!!!!

Another place on the Danforth that comes close is Alexandros but again make sure they cut it fresh off of the spinner or you get dry gyros that no amount of tzatziki can fix.

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    bottomless pit

    I've been to Messini and I thought the french fries in the gyros ( also inserted into their souvlaki pitas) was a miscommunication error on behalf of the kitchen! I personally do not like my fries in my souvlaki pita or gyros pita as it takes away from the flavour of the meat. I find their meat to be on the dry side and stand by the souvlaki/gyros made by Mr. Greek, Alexandros and Mezes (which has the most succulent cuts of meat in my opinion...worth the expensive price).

    One good thing about Messini: friendly, laid back staff
    Bad thing: just like the generic greek fast food style chain. Anything is better than Jimmy the Greek (ugh!)

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      I'll have to agree with the disagree sentiment. While Messini is trying to duplicate the authentic style sandwich grecque that you can find all over Montreal, their meat just doesn't cut it. The Gyros was quite dry and the seasoning doesn't help. The chicken souvlaki sandwich was better. If you stick with this, along with their generous portions and sides of potatoes and salad, you can enjoy ogling the almost-as-hip-as-College-Street crowd and the sun in the big open-door windows and modern d├ęcor.