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Aug 12, 2003 12:31 AM


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i'm looking for a nice fromagerie in the city. any suggestions? found the one in kensington - are there better ones?

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  1. The Cheese Boutique, in my opinion, is Toronto's finest.

    45 Ripley Avenue,
    Toronto ON, M6S 3P2
    Tel: 416-762-6292 Fax: 416-762-0890

    1. The Cheesemonger in the St, Lawrence Market (just South of the peameal bacon stand at Carousel Bakery!) is offering an excellent suggestion of Quebec cheeses, full of knowledgeable and cheerful help. And while you're at the market, there's at least three other places to check out, so pay it a visit.

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        I think that cheese vendor is owned by Alex's Farm Products (on the south wall of the south market) - the selection of Quebec cheeses is excellent. At Alex's they have a large selection of Irish cheese including "Stinking Bishop" (delicious) and "Cashel Blue" - which my husband now prefers to french blue.

      2. Adventures In Cheese just opened up at 55 Bloor (Manulife building). Had some fabulous Quebec goat cheese and an amazing goat cheddar.