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Aug 11, 2003 10:38 PM

Looking for Mongolian BBQ

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Anyone know of any Mongolian BBQ places east of Toronto? Thanks so much....

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  1. There is one in Scarborough @ Pacific Mall (Kennedy/Steeles). However, the quality of the food is quite poor. All of the meat is extremely fatty and the selection of vegetables is limited. A mediocre Chinese all you can eat buffet is also included in the price of a meal. The upside, I've heard, is that their "Sno Cone" flavours are great, i.e. red bean, green tea.

    I do suggest a place called Fire & Ice (Woodbine/Hwy #7). Although it costs slightly more than other stir-fry places, the selection of veggies and meats is quite extensive and the quality of the meats is very good. Note that this place is not an all you can eat, but the generous portion sizes make it seem that way. I advise filling up your dish with as much veggies as possible, because whatever you don't eat can be taken out.

    I find that Fire & Ice is of a much higher calibre than its London/Waterloo likes - JB's.

    Hope that this answers your question.