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Aug 11, 2003 11:30 AM

Salad King - closed for reno

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I noticed about a month ago that Salad King was closed, and that the space was being gutted. I wondered if they had gone under.

On Saturday I noticed a sign saying that Salad King will re-open soon. Maybe they're expanding and fancying up their joint? Hope they don't increase their prices or lose their grotty charm...

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    salad king fan

    No, Salad King has not gone under. When I went to Salad King just before they closed for renovation. Mrs. Liu said that the restaurant is going to be expanded. The new Salad King will be a 100-seat place with servers instead of 'get your own food'. I believe there are going to be two slightly different sections, upstairs being more upscale and downstairs being a neighbourhood joint. I just hope they find good kitchen staff to handle the expansion.

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    1. re: salad king fan

      kind of excited about the idea of getting table service at Salad King, cause i never really appreciated the crowd/wait. Hopefully as you say they will also expand the kitchen competently!

      1. re: julesrules

        Definately will be a much bigger space. The unused "Pinball Spot" and upstairs will be added. I seem to remember that the restaurant claimed that it would be open by the time Ryerson starts again but there is no way that it will all be completed in time.

        I think that its a good idea because I often felt harried eating there.

        1. re: alsiem

          It is my understanding that they are supposed to reopen on the 17th of August - that was the date they had originally mentioned and I just noticed it again on their website.

          I must admit that I am looking forward to seeing what how it all works out - as I remember the owners were really excited and they mentioned that it would give them a chance to try some interesting Thai deserts!

          1. re: Otonabee

            I walked by there today. I don't think they will be opening by the 17th. It's hard to say, but I would think maybe by Labour Day weekend if they work fast and hard.

      2. re: salad king fan

        Service at the table at Salad King? That's just wrong. I guess I'll live. I hope that the prices don't rise too much.