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Aug 8, 2003 02:07 PM

Bordello on Markham St.

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Has anyone tried this restaurant named Bordello, that used to be True Grits on Markham St in the Mirvish Village?

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  1. I can't bring myself to. I'm too angry at the demise of True Grits, which was one of the few restos in Toronto that both my wife and I liked. Their cajun chicken livers were something else.

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      I was never at True Grits but the Cajun Chicken Livers at Southern Accents on markham were amazing - blackened livers served with a slightly orange tinged sauce.....mmmmmmm......why haven't I had those in over 3 years?

    2. I LOVE this restaurant. It is owned by two former employees of Five Doors North, and has the same small course format. I have been 3 times since discovering it earlier this summmer and the menu has been slightly different each time, reflecting seasonal specials. The service is excellent and everything is quite inexpensive (i.e. dinner for 2, with 3 courses plus dessert and drinks, was $105 incl. tax). The only hitch is that they are cash only.
      Highly recommend it.

      1. I certainly have, it was a very tasty.
        The portions are small but delightful.
        It has a nice atmosphere
        Give it a shot..