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Aug 6, 2003 11:03 AM

Mediterranean 2 Go - 2nd location spotted

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I am indebted to Jawbone for recommending Mediterranean 2 Go for good shawarma (or shawerma, as they spell it) and falafel.

I happened to walk by their upcoming second site and wanted to share its location with all you chowhounds. It’s on the south-west corner of Centre Avenue and Dundas, which is the first intersection on Dundas east of University.

They’re not open yet but look as if they will be soon. The site has much more indoor and I believe outdoor seating. Should be good.

ps The original location is at Yonge & Elm.

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  1. This location was recently closed by Toronto Public Health due to a sewage back-up. If I recall correctly, the Chinese restaurant that used to be at this location also had a few run-ins (no pun intended) with the health department.