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Aug 5, 2003 01:00 PM

Favourite restaurants in Little Italy?

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Anybody found any really authentic/impressive Italian restaurants in Little Italy?

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  1. I don't have a dinner recommendation, but I do have a very strong discrecommendation - Stay away from Coco Lezzone! The place is all about seeing and being seen. It's extremely overpriced, the food is at best mediocre and its quite loud. Probably a great price for drinks, but stay away from it otherwise.

    Otherwise, I would recommend "The Big Chill" for ice cream, or the Sicilian gelato place slightly west of that.

    For brunch, I've had great experiences at both of Kalendar and Xacutti.

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      I agree with you about staying away from Cocco Lezzione. We asked for water, expecting we would get it for free in a glass but the waiter gave us a bottle of Evian which was $7! Rediculous! The staff were snobby and didn't check up on us because of their assumption that we wouldn't give them a great tip! Definitely a bad choice to go to in Little Italy.

    2. I would recommend both Grappa and Regina Trattoria which are across from each other, west of Crawford. I guess being just out of the strip means that they have to focus on the food.

      There is nothing radical about the menu and it is about the same price as all the other ones. The service is professional, they make you feel good about being there. You need reservations.

      One word of warning, I have just moved from the neighborhood and I could have sworn I saw a for lease sign in the upper story of Grappa last Wednesday so call first.