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Aug 4, 2003 01:56 PM

Foodie suggestions for SF chowhound

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Food Consultant from SF will be in AToronto one week (and doing wine tasting at Niagara on the Falls)
Looking for suggestions for Not-TO-Be-Missed Food spots...hippest new restaurant, what specialty canadian foods shoud I be sure and try, best funky spot, farmers market, a birthday celebration dinner suggestion, most interesting wineries...and lastly, reveiws on Queens Landing Dining room. Thanks for all tips.

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  1. Foodie visitors to Toronto should check out the Saturday morning St. Lawrenece Farmer's Market and the St. Lawrenece Food Building across the street. They're at Jarvis & Front St, look for the crowds. In San Francisco terms, it may not have the amount of organic produce or specialty vendors of the Ferry Plaza, but it sure beats what's available at the Alemany market and the UN Plaza. There are lots of local stuff to take home. Perhaps an amber or medium grade maple syrup or some local cheddar? Unfortunately, due to recent customs regulations, you can't take most meat back home with you. If you're hungry, try either the local specialty Peameal Sandwich or a well made Veal Sandwich at Mustaccio's.

    When in Toronto, you might want to try cuisine that is strong in Toronto and not readily available in San Francisco--Eastern European, Greek, Portuguese or West Indian come to mind. Also even though Toronto is not Montreal, you can find specialties like Montreal Bagels, Montreal Smoked Meat and poutine that are fairly close to the real thing. If you love the French-style bistros of San Francisco, you might want to try Cafe Brussel, a local Belgian equivalent. To find funky spots walk west on College St west of Bathurst.

    I've attached a link a comment about another of Toronto's other market area. There are quite a lot of other suggestions on this Toronto board & the Canada board (where Toronto used to be until four months ago). Have a good time.